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The Yellowstone Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Set amid the backdrop of Montana's picturesque mountains and lush blue skies, "Yellowstone" is one of the hottest dramas on TV right now, skillfully blending elements of the best political thrillers and gunslinging westerns. Not since "Justified" have audiences been dazzled by such charming, soulful, and complex characters in a neo-western, but one thing "Yellowstone" added to the mix was a sprawling family drama. More than a story of one renegade outlaw or lawman, the series weaves an epic tale of generational angst, twisted around John Dutton's obsession with holding on to his family's legacy: the Yellowstone-Dutton Ranch.

The Duttons are a diverse family with a number of larger-than-life personalities, from the calm, cool John to the bold, fiery Rip, and the shrewd and cunning Beth. Surrounding the Duttons too are a number of fascinating foils for the family, from corporate tycoons to rival ranches seeking to take the land that belongs to them. There's Chairman Thomas Rainwater, head of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation that neighbors the ranch, the governments who want to expand the state's resources, and even environmental activists who want to end cattle ranching for good.

With so many complicated characters, there's a number of unique personalities populating "Yellowstone" that line up well with the various zodiac signs. Which one matches yours? Scroll on to find out if you're the lovable Jimmy, the nurturing John, or the soldier Kayce.

Aries: Rip Wheeler

When it comes to picking zodiac signs for "Yellowstone," was there really any other choice for our pick for Aries, the God of War, than ranch leader and enforcer Rip Wheeler? Rip is a man of action, and never afraid to do what needs doing. He's always got a plan, and will take on any task, no matter how dangerous or even bloody. He never looks back, never second guesses, never thinks of what could have been — because that's just a waste of his time — when he could be getting something done.

Rip is quick to anger, but just as quick to cool down, forgive and move on — he's got no time for anything else. As an Aries, Rip looks at life like a game, sees the world as his rodeo, and he'll be damned if it's one he can't win. An Aries can be emotional, temperamental, even hot-headed, and that describes Rip pretty well, especially when he is rushing into the bunkhouse and giving a sneer to anyone making a fuss, never even bothering to ask what was going on. Sometimes a reckless risk-raker, Rip and the Aries sign can be their own undoing, as he often puts himself into dangerous situations that get him into trouble. But when he does, it's for a good reason, because he's also a pragmatist, and doesn't want to waste his time on life's trivialities. His driven, bold nature is probably why he makes such a perfect match for Beth.

Taurus: Jimmy Hurdstrom

Taurus, the sign of the bull, is the lovable type, so Jimmy was an easy pick for this sign. Perhaps one of the few on the ranch with a good heart, he's been unsullied by the cruelty, corruption, and toxicity of the Yellowstone. That probably accounts for why — despite his lack of good ol' cowboy machismo — he manages to attract the romantic interest and friendship of many of the women around him, from Avery to Mia to Emily. While the cowboys question it, Jimmy's kind and sympathetic soul make him easy to love, even if you're a tough guy like Rip or Lloyd.

But more than just being a sweetheart, the Taurus is hardworking and ambitious, and despite his struggles, Jimmy never stopped working on the ranch to prove himself. Despite the torrent of abuse he received from those bigger, stronger, and tougher, Jimmy kept at it. In his private time as a rodeo man, Jimmy didn't let his life-threatening injuries be the end; he tried again and again, until John had to send him to the 6666. And even then — he didn't back down, he worked to become the cowboy he was destined to be.

Like a Taurus, Jimmy hates and fears change, which is what made his move to Texas such a struggle at first. Now that he's proven himself, he's ready to be a better man.

Gemini: Roarke Morris

Talkative, flirtatious, and cunning, the Gemini may reflect more than one member of the cast of cowboys, wranglers, and hustlers on "Yellowstone" but we're hard pressed not to give this one to the sly, charismatic Roarke Morris from the series' third season. The local rancher who lives upstream from the Duttons was a surprise villain that year, as he was more than just the simple fisherman that he tried to pass himself off as. Once the layers were peeled back we saw that he was also a ruthless stock trader and corporate raider with Market Equities, ready to con his way to a fortune. A friendly, helpful face one minute, a vicious blood-thirsty opportunist the next, he lives up to the finest — and worse — traits of the twin sign Gemini.

Played by "Lost" veteran Josh Holloway, Roarke was in many ways a Montana version of the island con-man castaway, always speaking out of both sides of his mouth, attempting to beguile those around him with wit and sagacity, while stealing from them at the same time. But that's not to say Gemini's — or Roarke — are bad people. He may have had devious intentions, hoping to get the Duttons to sell their land against their desires, but he's also a smart, friendly, and genuinely charming fella. And he's not all bad; when it comes right down to it, all he really wanted was to make the Duttons rich.

Cancer: John Dutton

Some may have been tempted to peg the leader of the Yellowstone as the series' Aries, or even Leo, as a bold man of action, but in truth, it's the sign of Cancer that best describes family patriarch John Dutton. When it comes down to it, John doesn't want to lead, he seeks no power, no throne, and has little ambition but to hold on to what he has: his family and his land. He's a man that cherishes the old, with great respect for tradition and history. As John says in his acceptance speech in his run for Montana governor, he is not progressive, he doesn't want change; he is the wall that change will smash itself against. He wants things the way they are — nay, he wants things to go back the way they used to be, in simpler, older times. Just like a Cancer.

Like a Cancer, John is also a caretaker, and a man who people go to for help. He has a big heart, and always looks to help everyone he can, even his enemies. He's gone out of his way to do what was right even if it meant helping his enemies, whether that was Chairman Rainwater on the reservation, or Summer Higgins, the activist who wanted to shut him down. When people in the community have a problem, they go to John, and he's always there to help. Even when Jimmy wouldn't ask, John helped him get back on his feet, and even when the young cowboy felt he owed him a debt, John graciously forgave it. John is the kind, empathetic, helpful Cancer.

Leo: Walker

There's no cowboy on the Yellowstone who represents the Leo sign more than the guitar-twanging Walker, the wrangler who tries to put the ranch behind him, but just can't seem to escape. He came to the ranch from prison, where he was plucked up by Rip, who quickly came to regret the decision. Though he had few places to go, Walker was quickly disillusioned by the Yellowstone crew's penchant for violence and even murder, something he wanted no part of, boldly exiting the Yellowstone. He's our pick for Leo, his brash, headstrong nature making him a natural fit for the sign.

The Leo is also the ultimate showman, and the song-playing Walker is always ready with a story and a song — usually a sad one — to play for the bunkhouse, for his girl, or even for Beth. Leos are warm, creative, maybe even a little bit vain, and we rarely see Walker without his pristine ten gallon hat — that he never lets get dirty — a fact that Wheeler has noted. His dislike of the dirty work also makes us wonder if he just doesn't want to mess up his fine, cowboy outfit.

Virgo: Thomas Rainwater

One of the defining traits of the Virgo sign is the need to fix things — anything — as well as the desire to work towards bettering the lives of those that surround them. And while chairman Thomas Rainwater isn't without selfish needs and wants, his primary motivation is the safety and welfare of the people who live on the Broken Rock Indian Reservation. He's fiercely protective of his people, and goes to great lengths to help even the lowest in his community when they are struggling. Virgos are smart, but often isolated, as Rainwater is on his land, separated from the larger Montana communities and frequently left out of issues that concern his own. He is also a shrewd businessman and leader in Broken Rock, and while some on the res have had their issues with where he wants to take them as a people, he's doing what best he can to ensure their survival in an ever-changing world.

Virgos want to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves, and there's no greater purpose than representing a way of life that is slowly dying, and he is fighting to protect. It's this fight that brings him into conflict with the Duttons, but also gives them a lot in common, as both are challenged by governments and businesses who seek to usurp their lands.

Leo: Mia

Early on in "Yellowstone" the bunkhouse was a domain for only the most macho men on the ranch. Led by Rip Wheeler and Lloyd, it was a place for beer-guzzling, poker playing manly cowboys where no women were allowed. They'd tried things with a woman wrangler once when Avery joined the crew, but she seemed to disappear almost as quickly as she arrived, having not felt the Yellowstone was the right place for her. The days of the bunkhouse boys' club ended in season four when Jimmy returned from a rodeo with a girlfriend in tow. Added to the roster of cowboys and wranglers were Mia and her best friend Laramie — two barrel racers looking for some fun and work. 

While Laramie may have been the one to cause a feud, it was Mia who became an important part of the ranch — as Jimmy's girl, and a valued member of the team. Outgoing, gracious, and fair, she's our pick for Libra. Libras hate conformity, they dislike loudmouths and violence, which may explain her attraction to Jimmy. It also may explain her resistance to his choice to leave the ranch for the 6666; though Jimmy felt it was what he needed to do to repay his debt to John Dutton, she likely saw it as him simply going along with everyone else's expectations. 

Scorpio: Beth Dutton

Some say those born under the sign of the Scorpio are passionate, persistent, and loyal. Some others might better describe them as controlling, obsessive, and vengeful. Whichever way you want to slice it, you have a pretty good description of family schemer Beth Dutton. Devious, ruthless, and fearless, Beth is intent on getting her way, no matter what it takes. Never afraid of the dark places her desires might take her when in pursuit of what she wants, Beth's need for control drives her in all things, just like a classic Scorpio.

But Beth isn't all evil, she's also incredibly smart, confident, and curious. It's just that she uses those qualities in service of her own ends, and those ends usually involve hurting anyone in her orbit who isn't entirely on her side. Still, Beth has shown a bigger heart than one might expect, especially when it comes to protecting her family — even if it's not blood. Her defense of Monica when she was in trouble after facing discrimination shows that when she wants to, she can use her darkness to help people in trouble. With her piercing gaze and cunning mind, the most frightening thing about Beth might be that when she makes a threat it's hard to tell if she's being serious or just having a laugh.

Sagittarius: Kayce Dutton

The last living birth son of John Dutton after the death of his older brother Lee in the series opener, Kayce Dutton has a lot to live up to. Though estranged from his father when the series began, he soon came to terms with his family and moved back to the ranch full time with his wife and son. As a former soldier, Kayce is a skilled gunman and fighter, but also seems to be the most level-headed and possibly the wisest of the family, making him the right pick for Sagittarius, the warrior poet and free spirit who often walks his own path.

Though not as rational as his father, nor as cunning as his sister, he often forms his opinions and takes action based off of emotion, a trait common to those born under the sign of Sagittarius. Kayce may not be as outspoken as others on the ranch, preferring to be more reserved, it makes his action and voice much more powerful when he does use them, wielding them like a blunt weapon, as Sagittarius' often do. The sign also has a tendency to get along well with a diverse group of people, and Kayce has managed to fit in wherever he lands, whether that's with the ranchers on the Yellowstone, the Native Americans on the reservation, or even the politicians in Bozeman. Eager to learn, Kayce is a true Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Jamie

Probably the most complicated character on "Yellowstone," Jamie started the series as a loyal but misunderstood son to family leader John Dutton. His sister hated him for reasons we didn't quite understand, and while he may not have been the macho tough cowboy that Kayce and Rip were, he still seemed like he had something to offer, and was as protective of their legacy as anyone. But as the series has progressed, we've seen different sides to Jamie. From his relatable desire to step out from his father's shadow, to his sniveling cowardice in the face of his domineering sister.

But through all the ups and downs, it's been Jamie who's been the responsible one, the one who had to take charge when no one else would, even if he didn't always make the right decisions. Compelled by his need to be seen as mature and in control, he does what he thinks is best, no matter the consequences. He had to make big decisions even at a young age. It's his desperate need for the approval of his father, his need for respect and admiration from those around him that make him our pick for the sign of Capricorn.

Aquarius: Avery

Introduced at the tail end of the first season of "Yellowstone," Avery joins the bunkhouse crew at the ranch against Rip's better judgement. A former sex worker, she insists she's a better ranch hand than a stripper, and proves it pretty convincingly, as she shows herself to be as capable as any of the men at the Yellowstone. She was one of the few to form a genuine friendship with Jimmy, and may have been headed towards a romance with the outcast cowboy, but just as Avery appeared out of nowhere, she disappeared from the ranch just as mysteriously.

But Avery would turn up again in "Yellowstone" during its fourth season when Kayce went to help a family on the reservation. He caught the eye of Avery, and not just because they once worked together. She revealed she had fallen in love with the married Kayce, implying that it may have been the reason she left the ranch. Avery is our pick for Aquarius, as those born under the sign are emotional, mysterious, and unknowable, full of contradictions. Avery too, was a flurry of conflict, and her return in season four showed she was ruled by emotion more than we may have expected. 

Pisces: Monica Dutton

The Native American wife of Kayce Dutton, the pair fell madly in love when they were young and ran off to be married, as Kayce revealed. On the Broken Rock reservation that bordered the Yellowstone-Dutton Ranch, Monica and Kayce would build a life together with their son Tate. While it wasn't an extravagant existence, it was a contented one, and the family was at peace. When Kayce's brother Lee was killed in a shootout with Broken Rock police, however, Kayce went back to his father's side, and the pair began to bond, along with grandson Tate. Moving back to the Yellowstone, the family faced new trials, and became the target of violence, something Monica could not tolerate despite her appreciation for what the Dutton's could offer.

Now off the Yellowstone, Monica and Kayce began to build a life of their own. The trials she has faced have shown her to be the epitome of a Pisces, with a childlike wonder and a wise and ancient wisdom. Monica is generous and kind, something that makes her stand out amidst the insular self-preserving nature of the Duttons. She's a teacher and a dreamer, and deeply cares about causes that affect more than herself. But she's also ruled by emotion, a fact that has gotten her in trouble more than once, and caused friction with her husband.