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The Potential New Chicago Med Couple That Has Fans Buzzing

"Chicago Med" is the medical arm of the One Chicago franchise on NBC, and it's been on the air for seven seasons, and hopefully counting. It's got fantastic ratings on IMDb and its popularity is still seemingly on the rise, even after being on the air for so long. But just like most network TV medical dramas, it's not only about the medicine for the show's many characters.

Much of the entertainment factor that the series offers comes from the interpersonal relationships between the characters, both in and out of the ER. And when we say "personal," we mean personal. Romances on the show are constantly cycling in and out in order to keep fans on their toes and tuning in every week to see what will happen next. In Season 7, Episode 10 of "Chicago Med," viewers caught a glimpse of something that has the internet buzzing about who's hooking up with who next.

Are Stevie and Will about to become an item? Lots of fans hope so!

After the most recent episode, "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished...In Chicago," the hospital is reeling after the FBI starts investigating certain individuals for fraud. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) is deeply involved in the investigation and feels conflicted about incriminating Sabeena (Tehmina Sunny). There's one particular moment in the episode where Stevie (Kristen Hager) seems to be jealous of Will's former dalliance with Sabeena — and that moment had social media abuzz with the possibilities.

@Lyia23, a huge Will super-fan, tweeted "Wait, did Stevie feels a little jealous if Will did slept with Jessa?! Ohhhh..... #ChicagoMed 😜." Fellow 'shipper @lexiexbrettsey also sees "a future relationship" in the cards for the two characters. Meanwhile, @ladiesatmollys echoed those sentiments, writing that they "missed Stevie and Will working together."

Those are just a few of the many, many tweets speculating about their romantic future. There are still four episodes left in this season, so it'll be interesting to see how things develop.