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A Shocking Discovery Is Made In A New Moonfall Trailer

The latest trailer for the upcoming disaster flick "Moonfall" begins with conspiracy theorist K. C. Houseman (John Bradley) streaming live to his viewers. "If you're watching this, then you know that a huge problem is headed our way," he warns. "An emergency meeting has been called, our usual place, immediately." Then he points down, and "Free Bagels” appears on the screen as he gives a thumbs up. Right away, we know this is not going to be your typical doomsday movie. 

Director Roland Emmerich is no stranger to end-of-the-world sci-fi thrillers, having helped create the modern blueprint with movies like "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow." But whereas his previous works used events like alien invasion or climate change to threaten the existence of life on Earth, with his latest effort, it is the moon deviating from its orbit that sees scientists and everyday heroes scrambling to save the world. 

Although "Moonfall" is well within Emmerich's wheelhouse, shooting his latest disaster epic during the COVID-19 pandemic brought a new set of challenges. Speaking with Deadline, co-writer of the film Harald Kloser said, "I've worked with Roland for many years and this was masterful to see. Every day was almost an impossible day because of the budgetary constraints, the 10,000 Covid tests, etc. Roland was pushing himself to the limit."

With a brand new trailer for "Moonfall" dropping on January 6, we can now get an even better look at what Emmerich and his team were able to accomplish ahead of the film's February 4 release. 

What is living on the Moon?

Along with the aforementioned John Bradley, "Moonfall ” stars Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson as former astronauts Jo Fowler and Brian Harper, among others. This latest trailer not only gives us more time to get to know this plucky cast of characters, but it also teases out the stakes of the movie. It turns out that there is something living on the Moon. 

"We are dealing with an intelligent entity. We're planning a mission to attack this thing. I'm asking for your help," we hear Berry's Fowler tell Wilson's Harper during the trailer as she tries to convince him to join the group that's been tasked with "saving the Moon, saving Earth." The trailer also sees Bradley's Houseman providing some much-needed comic relief, whether interjecting himself into others' conversations or taking pictures from space with his phone ("It's on airplane mode," he assures his bewildered colleagues). 

Interspersed with edge-of-your-seat action scenes and Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising" playing in the background, "Moonfall" looks like a good time with a little bit of everything thrown in. It should be a welcome relief for movie-goers when it falls to Earth on February 4.