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How The Curse Of Oak Island Fans Really Feel About The Archeologists Leaving The Show

Since its earliest days, reality show "The Curse of Oak Island" has followed brothers Rick and Marty Lagina attempting to unearth a valuable treasure rumored for centuries to be buried on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. Over the course of its eight completed seasons and ongoing ninth, however, the mystery of this supposed treasure is still largely unsolved.

Furthermore, fans have accused its leads of at various points of certain missteps, like archeologist Laird Niven's use of heavy machinery at a dig site, as opposed to more precise and less forceful tools. The Lagina brothers introduced Niven during Season 4 in order to overcome accusations that they lacked the expertise necessary to properly investigate Oak Island's big mystery, so his controversial use of heavy machinery arguably undermined his very reason for joining the series.

Now, however, Niven is entirely unable to lend "The Curse of Oak Island" his archeological expertise, controversial or not, after finding old First Nation Mi'kmaq pottery during a dig on the island. This discovery has prompted a Nova Scotia regulatory agency and the Acadia First Nation Council to investigate the land themselves, during which time the "Oak Island" crew must suspend all archeological activity. In light of this development, some longtime fans of the show have shared their disappointment with the archeologists' departure.

Some viewers find the loss of the archeologists dispiriting

In response to the loss of the archeologists, user Patch267 started a thread on the "Curse of Oak Island" subreddit titled "What Now? No Archeologists??" sharing their thoughts about the development. "Personally speaking my interest in the show 'peaked' when they brought them (archeologists) onboard and begin making legit progress on the show," they wrote. "Now it's back to testing with different gizmos on the surface and drilling cores or dropping cans, or the same game plan as several years back. I'm guessing we will be entertained with wood sniffing and empty hammer grabs."

Essentially, they found that at least semi-legit archeological activity moved the series' investigation forward, whereas prior efforts of the Lagina brothers failed to produce results. They're unhappy, therefore, that the Lagina brothers will have to return to the amateur tactics that incited them to enlist a team of archeologists in the first place.

In the comment section, user FellowshipOfTheBong described the fact that the Lagina brothers attempted to locate a sunken ship the very week after losing the archeologists as ironic, given that this appears to be archeological activity. Nevertheless, they theorized that the Rick and Marty "won't have to deal with the Canadian govt because no ship will be found ... the bad news, the viewers will be subjected to once again another wild goose chase." Both users seem to be in agreement, then, that the Oak Island mystery won't be solved any time soon.