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The Worst Episode Of American Pickers According To IMDb

If humanity is good at anything, it's accumulating stuff.

For centuries, we've created everything from gadgets that make daily life just a little bit easier to fun trinkets that look nice displayed in our homes. As one could imagine, as time rolls on and societal needs change, many of these items become obsolete and are typically replaced with newer, more advanced ones. In most cases, that signals a life locked in a shed or basement for those deemed unnecessary, but this fate isn't for all. Some items grow in value with age, prompting the "American Pickers" team to pull them from obscurity.

Since 2010, "American Pickers" has taken viewers across the United States in search of rusty gold. Old bikes, run-down cars, and more are all on the radar of hosts Mike Wolfe, Danielle Colby, and formerly Frank Fritz, and they don't care how much digging they have to do to find them. For 22 seasons, the pickers crew have consistently found treasures in the most unlikely of places, giving viewers a good reason to tune in every week. Even still, not all "Pickers" episodes are created equal, with some tumbling to the bottom of the heap over time.

Of the 300 plus "American Pickers" installments, only one is considered the absolute worst according to IMDb.

Off the Road is far from a fan-favorite

It's incredibly rare for television shows to reach a 10th season, yet "American Pickers" managed to do so and extend well beyond it. The show's landmark season wrapped up on Christmas Eve in 2013 with an episode titled "Off the Road." As the title implies, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz don't spend the runtime in their truck, nor do they check out any new picking locations. Instead, they and Danielle Colby take a look back at some of their best finds to date and share some never before seen footage from their hunts — a premise that viewers didn't love.

At the time of this writing, "Off the Road" sits at a 5.5 out of 10 on IMDb, making it the lowest-rated entry of "American Pickers" so far. After all, it is just a clip show episode, so if you've kept up with the program for some time, there's not much to enjoy out of it. "Best of the 70's" from Season 14 adopted the same format, and it's the runner-up for the lowest-rated "Pickers" installment. As far as episodes comprised entirely of fresh material go, "8th Grade Humor" from Season 4 sits at the bottom of the barrel with a mere 6.2 out of 10.

With so many seasons and episodes to its name, it's hard for "American Pickers" to avoid having the odd flub here and there. Thankfully, there's a lot more out there to enjoy from the series than skip over.