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The Most Paused Danielle Colby Moment On American Pickers

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz may get the lion's share of attention on History's "American Pickers," but don't count out their trusted partner, Danielle Colby. While Wolfe and Fritz go out into the field to talk to people in the hunt for hidden treasure, Colby's typically holding down the fort at Antique Archaeology in Le Claire, Iowa. Not only does she sell the junk the guys find on their journey, but she's hard at work tracking down leads and giving them addresses to check out potential scores, too. 

The operation just wouldn't be the same without Danielle Colby in the mix. She's proven to be an invaluable asset to the team, but that doesn't mean she's infallible. Like most employees, she's made some mistakes, but there's one instance where her misgivings created some serious headaches for the rest of the pickers. It's bound to be enough to make viewers pause the show to ask themselves what precisely she was thinking.

You need to pause to catch your breath after an intense discussion between Danielle Colby and Mike Wolfe

The opening scene of Season 7's "Sturgis or Bust" shows Danielle Colby standing with a 1935 Indian Chief motorcycle frame. It's a sight for sore eyes right then and there, as she has the incredibly rare opportunity to purchase the bike. However, there's a slight hitch in her giddy-up. 

Apparently, someone else is coming to purchase the bike, so she has to make a decision right then and there whether she's going to take it. And to make matters worse, she loses cell phone service with Wolfe and Fritz, so she has to trust her gut on this one. When she brings the bike frame back to the shop, her two co-workers are less than impressed, and it's here you'll really want to pause to take everything in.

Colby is adamant she did the right thing in the moment, while the other two simply want her to know what she failed to notice when she made the purchase. Things escalate quickly, with Colby storming out at the end of the scene. Usually, "American Pickers" is a reasonably easygoing show, so this moment was a significant source of contention for the trio. It's understandable if viewers need a mental break before a commercial has a chance to kick in.

While you may not have paused it, there's also one other episode in which Colby goes a bit too far.