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What The Last 12 Months Of Betty White's Life Were Like

It's the end of an era. Famed "Golden Girls" actress Betty White died at the age of 99 on December 31, 2021. White was less than a month from celebrating her 100th birthday on January 17. While no official cause of death was given, TMZ reports that White did not suffer from any injury or illness, and is believed to have died of natural causes.

White maintained an extended career on the screen, dating back to the 1945 short "Time to Kill" (via IMDb). A five-time Emmy Award-winner (among many other accolades), White enjoyed success for her roles in numerous projects. Her most well-known roles include that of Rose Nylund in "Golden Girls" and Sue Anne Nivens in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."

Never one to give up her passion, White continued to work in show business in the years leading up to her death. After her last credited appearance in 2019, White slowed down a bit but never gave up working on her passions. This has led to an eventful life even during her final 12 months.

White's 2021 was spectacular in spite of her passing

With her 100th birthday on the horizon, much of White's 2021 appears to have been dedicated to her celebratory movie special, "Betty White: 100 Years Young — A Birthday Celebration." The film event, which is presumably still set to premiere on her 100th birthday, celebrates White's storied career and features many of her friends from the world of show business, including Ryan Reynolds, Tina Fey, Carol Burnett, and many, many more (via CNN).

Beyond working on "Betty White: 100 Years Young," White enjoyed a leisurely life living in Los Angeles. According to a recent interview with People, White spent much of her time enjoying activities like playing crossword puzzles, card games, golf, and watching "Jeopardy." She also spent time on social media, continuing to share her lifelong advocacy of animal welfare (via Instagram).

"I'm so lucky to be in such good health and feel so good at this age," White told PEOPLE. "It's amazing. I try to avoid [eating] anything green. I think it's working."

Despite dying weeks after her interview with People, White appears to have had a spectacular 2021. She spent her final days enjoying the life she had and working to entertain people everywhere. Even if it ended just short of her intended centennial celebration, hers is still a remarkable life.