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The Silent Sea Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Plot - What We Know So Far

Contains spoilers for Season 1 of "The Silent Sea"

Netflix continues to build its impressive collection of South Korean content with "The Silent Sea." The late addition to its 2021 lineup caps off a year that saw "Squid Game" become one of Netflix's most-watched series of all time. That sort of dominance made projects like "Hellbound" and "The Silent Sea" a must-watch for subscribers. Both have made their way into daily top 10 lists on the service (via Yahoo).

Released around Christmas 2021, "The Silent Sea" follows a unique team on their mission to the moon. The futuristic drama sees its characters not only face the dangers of space but confront a devastating environmental disaster on Earth. Its conclusion tied up most of the story by the final episode — in no small part thanks to director Choi Hang-Yong. The filmmaker adapted the project from his own short film "The Sea of Tranquility" (via Forbes). Still, that doesn't stop viewers from asking if there will be a second season.

What is The Silent Sea's second season release date?

There is currently no information about a "The Silent Sea" Season 2 renewal or a possible release date. As of 2021, the streaming service has not revealed details about any discussions concerning a return. Current interviews with Choi Hang-Yong have failed to disclose anything about possible talks or Netflix's current stance on a return. If a second season was greenlit, it could be until 2023 before episodes would premiere. That is conditional on an early 2022 renewal with scripts completed before the fall. It also means more time is needed to once again create the "elaborate" sets which helped tell the story (via NME).

A second season would most likely include the same amount of episodes. Season one ran for eight episodes — each averaging between 40 and 50 minutes. As with most Netflix properties, all episodes dropped at once to create another bingeable offering. There's no reason to change that plan should another series be announced. What will change, though, are the characters that propelled the first season to excellent viewing figures.

Who is in the cast of The Silent Sea Season 2?

One of the most surprising aspects of the series is its unflinching ability to get rid of the main characters. While viewers may not have been prepared to part ways with the people they had come to know, the plot device created a feeling that no one was safe. Chief among those losses was that of Captain Han (Gong Yoo). His final heroic act saves Luna (Kim Shi-ah) and the two remaining crew members, but his last moments are a testament to Gong Yoo himself. The actor — who delivered a heartbreaking performance in "Train to Busan" — steps up in the role and delivers one of the series' best performances.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to bring back Captain Han or those lost. Instead, the returning series could focus on Luna. The lone survivor of secret experiments, this clone can survive the otherwise lethal lunar water. It's also her bite that saves Dr. Song (Bae Doo-Na) from the deadly element. However, Luna's problems could get worse if she goes to Earth. It all sets up a very different plot for a second season.

What is the plot for The Silent Sea's second season?

There may be no announcement of a second season for "The Silent Sea," but even so, the first season's episodes lay the groundwork should it continue. Without a time jump, the two survivors would need to return with Luna; her very existence could become a lightning rod for those who want to use her for sinister purposes. It could fall on Dr. Song to step in and help the girl find a place in this unforgiving world. She may also feature prominently as a maternal figure to the clone.

New additions to the story could speak to the series' environmental commentary. With Earth already in a dire situation concerning water, the addition of lunar water to the equation could make things even worse. More than just lethal elements, how people deal with one another and the current power structure may be the jarring change that detonates this already fragile situation.