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Why The Ending Of The Silent Sea Season 1 Has Fans So Divided

The following article contains spoilers for "The Silent Sea" Season 1.

In the aftermath of the runaway success of "Squid Game," another South Korean property has emerged to become your next binge-watch. "The Silent Sea," based on a 2014 short film titled "The Sea of Tranquility," follows a group of space agency soldiers who are tasked with traveling to the moon to secure a mysterious capsule from an abandoned research station. With the world suffering from a critical water shortage, the tablet could hold the key for salvation, but it could further doom humanity in the wrong hands. 

After eight intense episodes, the season ends with several members of the team sacrificing themselves so that Luna (Kim Si-A), Song (Bae Doona), and Hong (Kim Sun-young) can make it out of the station alive. It's at this point a rescue team arrives to take them off the moon, and while everything seems to be wrapped up neatly with a bow, the ending proved unsatisfactory for some fans, who voiced their umbrage with the development on social media.

Some fans think The Silent Sea ending was too abrupt

Reddit has become a go-to destination for fans of any TV series to offer insight and share their grievances. "The Silent Sea" is no exception, and while the series has received a fair amount of praise from critics and audiences alike, it seems not everyone can agree on whether the ending was up to par.

According to Redditor u/stitchrx, "So... anyone else feels that wasn't a very satisfactory ending? So abrupt and so many things left hanging." The issue seems to stem from the fact that a lot appeared to happen all at once with not enough time to develop each development. u/gabrielleulris echoed these sentiments, writing, "I had like ten 'wtf how did that happen' moments during the ending."

Of course, other fans of the series believe they know why the season ended the way it did, namely to set up a prospective Season 2. As u/binhpac puts it, "[It's] an obvious setup for a potential season 2. Still the ending was very abrupt." As of this writing, Netflix has yet to announce whether a second season is in the cards, but "The Silent Sea" certainly left plenty of loose plot threads in the air for it to pick back up at a later date.