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The Beloved Character Fans Hope Returns To General Hospital

In the world of daytime soap operas, few shows are as popular and successful as "General Hospital." The ABC series is the longest-running soap opera in the history of American television, having been on the air for almost 60 years following its debut back in 1963 (via Newsweek). That's a long time for any show to last, and it's definitely possible that "General Hospital" will outlive us all.

"General Hospital" has undergone many changes throughout the years. While the titular hospital remains a base for much of the drama, the series is also known for storylines involving crime families, assassins, and other elements which aren't commonplace in your average medical drama. Fans demand fresh stories, after all. Then again, there are aspects of "General Hospital" that haven't changed at all, seemingly because the die-hard viewers appreciate some familiarity.

Cast members have also been known to come and go (sometimes for controversial reasons, as recent history has shown), but fans are hopeful that one old favorite will return to "General Hospital" down the line.

General Hospital fans miss Lucky

A Reddit thread saw fans of "General Hospital" discuss which characters they'd like to see make a grand comeback in the near future. While the conversation led to a myriad of responses, most commenters agreed that Lucky Spencer (portrayed by Jonathan Jackson, Greg Vaughn and Jacob Young) should be given another run on the soap opera. The character hasn't been seen since 2015, but even that was a brief appearance.

As the forgotten son of power couple Laura (Genie Francis) and Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary), it would make sense to bring Lucky back for storyline reasons, according to Reddit user Tg11T, who proposed that he can "rejoin the PCPD as a cop," before going on to note how Lucky could also be used as a private investigator or the heir to The Haunted Star nightclub, which some of his family members have ran in the past.

Other fans hope to see Lucky return and reconnect with his children, stating that it's strange he abandons them. "Now that you mention it, it's bizarre that they haven't brought him back. I watched Lucky from his very first episode and it's unnatural that he peaced out and stayed away from the kids this long. Not to mention not coming back for Lulu's accident," wrote Chairdeskcarpetwall.

"I don't care how, just bring Lucky back," wrote RyforPresident, adding that they can always recast the character if the previous actors who played him are no longer interested in reprising the role. Only time will tell if Lucky one day comes back to "General Hospital" as fans hope.