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Here's When You Can Watch The Batman At Home

"The Batman” is fast approaching, and from what we've seen thus far, this latest depiction of Gotham's dark knight might just be his most unique look to date. Similar to Christopher Nolan's beloved trilogy, the newest installment in the franchise is attempting to take the story of Bruce Wayne in an entirely new direction — one that seems more akin to a psychological thriller than a superhero flick.

The trailer emphasizes the Caped Crusader's roots as a detective, as we watch Batman (Robert Pattinson) fighting crime in rain-soaked subway stations and decrepit underground tunnels. Gone are the days of the Dark Knight flying over skyscrapers and packed city streets; this film hinges Batman's descent into the dark underworld of a city gone to ruin. Even our quick glimpse of the Riddler's (Paul Dano) lair looks better suited to a serial killer than a supervillain –- with strange symbols and psychotic messages scribbled on the floor beside mountains of books and pictures.

It's a bold new take that already has some fans divided, but one thing is sure: "The Batman" is one of the most anticipated films of 2022, and fans hoping to watch the movie from the comfort of their own home just got incredible news — the whole thing will actually be available to stream for a limited time.

The Batman is coming to HBO Max in April 2022

In a recent appearance on Vox's "Recode" podcast, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar confirmed that when "The Batman" releases on March 4, 2022, it will run for 45 days exclusively in theaters. After that 45th day (April 19th, to be precise) the movie will be available to stream on HBO Max, though Kilar did not confirm how long the film would remain available on the popular streaming platform. Kilar asserted that this six-week grace period is going to be the new norm for WarnerMedia films premiering on HBO Max, which is quite the shift from 2021. 

This past year saw juggernaut films like "Dune," "The Suicide Squad," and "The Matrix Resurrections," premiering simultaneously in theaters and on streaming — though the change is perhaps understandable, as theatrical releases continue to struggle during the pandemic ("Spider-Man" notwithstanding).

Regardless of how fans might feel about this latest reboot of the Batman franchise, it'll be easier than ever to give the film a chance.