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The Worst Criminal Minds Plots According To Fans

In its 15 seasons, the crime drama "Criminal Minds" explored the depths of psychopathic minds that ranged from interesting to downright disturbing. The show followed a team of profilers in the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI as they studied and apprehended serial killers, kidnappers, and terrorists.

Some unsubs — the nomenclature used for criminals — like the Reaper (played by C.Thomas Howell), who killed the team leader Aaron Hotchner's (Thomas Gibson) ex-wife, or Cat Adams (Aubrey Plaza), who returned several times to torment the genius Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) had a terrible impact on the team members. As a result, they also made for good personal drama and side plots for the series regulars.

While the fans appreciated when the drama got personal for the BAU team, sometimes things were not received well. A recent "Criminal Minds" subreddit thread asked the show's fans to share what they thought was the worst plot or side plot in the series. And the fans did not hold back.

Fans found JJ and Reid's love plot indigestible

Throughout the show, the lives of the "Criminal Minds" characters had several twists and turns. But the show avoided any romantic linkups between the team members. There were always questions about Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Garcia's (Kirsten Vangsness) friendship, but it remained platonic until its end when Moore left "Criminal Minds."

Other characters also developed warm relationships during the show, including Reid and JJ (A.J. Cook). After a brief attempt at a romantic setup in Season 1, Reid and JJ grew to become close friends. But that changed during a scene in the Season 14 finale when JJ confessed her love to Reid while they were being held at gunpoint. And it turns out, fans weren't crazy about the reveal. 

Redditor u/liamschindelka wrote, "JJ admitting her love for Reid it was just so rushed and seemed like it was just put into the later seasons to keep the fans interested."

Meanwhile, u/azulamazing was bothered with JJ's overall arc on the show: "Everything about JJ after season six. She was a communications liaison not a weird army chick/profiler/in love with Reid."

The fact that there were no hints of a possible romantic relationship in the previous seasons made it all the more difficult for fans to accept JJ's unexpected confession. Redditor u/Status_Resolution_11 added, "I will never buy that JJ was secretly in love with Reid the whole time."

Fans didn't like the way these characters were written off

Aside from JJ and Reid's relationship, fans were left unhappy with the way some of the show favorites were written off. Over the years, the BAU team saw many profilers come and go, but several fans disliked how some exits were handled, like those of Elle (Lola Glaudini), Gideon (Mandy Patinkin), and Hotchner.

Listing the plots they found the worst, a Redditor named u/CMStan1313 wrote, "Elle just turning into a murderer as the way the writers got rid of her character. Hotch just disappearing into witness protection, even after Scratch is dead (yes I know Thomas Gibson was fired, it's still stupid.)"

Additionally, the storyline that gave Garcia a bad rap when she tried to sabotage her boyfriend Kevin's (Nicholas Brendon) job interview also did not sit well with some fans. Redditor u/icepudding said, "How Garcia sabotaged her ex-boyfriend's interview. She was just like 'hee hee oops you caught me' and his response was just 'I wouldn't have gone without you anyway.' The whole thing screams controlling and childish?!"

The episode where Rossi came to terms with his racist history as a teen proved to be an alarming side plot for some. A fan named u/madsxwag found it "unnecessary," to which user u/liamschindelka added, "Ya you either don't include it or you use it as an opportunity to show growth and educate viewers."