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The Real Reason Freya Allan Won't Play Ciri On The Witcher For Her 'Entire Life'

By all accounts, life is starting to imitate art with Freya Allan. Season 1 portrayed Ciri as the young princess lost in a world trying to obtain her for her power. But now with Ciri's new look in Netflix's "The Witcher," Allan appears more grown up. She is also forging a relationship with powerful sorceress Yennefer (Anya Chalotra). Though it was rough going for a time, Yennefer has accepted her destiny to be the maternal presence in Ciri's life. This onscreen dynamic translates to the bond the two actors share off the set. 

Allan confirms that Chalotra's on-set behavior is nothing short of exemplary. Both got along well, and Allan had quite a bit to learn from her more seasoned colleague ("The Witcher" was Allan's first major TV role, whereas Chalotra has had recurring roles in "Wanderlust," "The ABC Murders," and "Sherwood," per IMDb). Hopefully fans will get to see this dynamic for quite a few more seasons, even if Allan already has career aspirations well beyond her breakout role.

Freya Allan has big career aspirations

The young star has been exuberant about her role in Season 2 of "The Witcher." In an interview with The Wrap, Freya Allan has expressed her enjoyment in getting to do the physical scenes, which included extensive training with the show's stunt unit. However, don't think you'll be seeing her wrangling monsters in the fantasy realm forever. While she loves playing Ciri, she has other ideas in mind as well.

"I want to see my character through to the end, but I'm not overly keen to spend my entire life on 'The Witcher,' only because what excites me is getting to play other characters, and I think if I didn't actually get to do that in between playing Ciri I think I'd probably go a bit crazy," Allan stated to Metro.

Like many actors, Allan relishes the opportunity to spread her wings. With her popularity as Ciri, Allan shouldn't have any trouble with getting other roles. In fact, Allan already parlayed her Netflix success into a role in the streamer's action-packed "Gunpowder Milkshake," and has snagged the lead role in director Alberto Corredor's "Baghead," in which her character must "contend with [an] evil entity which has deep connections to her family's past," according to Deadline.