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Jessica Henwick Confirms What We Suspected All Along About Keanu Reeves' On-Set Behavior

Actors, especially those who also happen to be huge movie stars, can sometimes be pretty different from their on-screen personae. You never know when a charming rogue on the big screen is actually an irritant (or worse) on set when the cameras are turned off. But some stars manage to cultivate positive, rather than negative, reputations, and Keanu Reeves is one of those rare few.

Reeves seems to be generally known as a nice, generous guy in an industry where not everyone tries to embody those qualities. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that he acts that way on set all the time. However, a recent interview with Jessica Henwick, one of his "The Matrix Resurrections" co-stars, revealed an anecdote about what it was like working with Reeves on the long-awaited comeback of one of his signature franchises. The story just serves to confirm what we always guessed Reeves must be like when he's on the job.

Jessica Henwick shared stories about working with Keanu Reeves on The Matrix Resurrections

Jessica Henwick plays franchise newcomer Bugs in "The Matrix Resurrections." She recently spoke to Vulture about her experience on the film, and it seems to have been positive, particularly where Reeves was concerned.

"I love him. He maintained a playfulness that you don't always expect from someone who's been working as long as he has," Henwick said. "He comes every day to set fresh, ready to work and full of ideas. Sometimes you work with actors who have that much experience and they just wanna do it their way. And Keanu's not like that. He comes in and he goes, 'Well, how about this?' It feels very fresh. He's like a puppy dog."

Henwick went on to explain how Reeves' approach helped her in her own creative process. "There's a scene where it's just me and Keanu talking to one another, Bugs and Neo, and I remember at the end of the day, Keanu came over and shook my hand and was like, 'You really did a really good job today,'" Henwick revealed to Vulture. "I was so nervous about that scene. It was my audition scene. But we didn't actually shoot that scene until one of my last days. So it was 11 months of waiting to do that audition scene again. The anticipation was through the roof. I almost don't like waiting that long because then you start to overthink a scene. For some people that works, but for me it doesn't. I like that Keanu style, which is to keep it fresh and keep it playful and find it in the moment. But [in this case] there was no way for that to happen."

If you always figured Reeves was a pleasure to work with, this interview would seem to confirm it.