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Why Michelle Sullivan From Chicago P.D. Looks So Familiar

Over the course of eight seasons and counting, NBC's "Chicago P.D." has proven adept at telling intricate crime procedural stories without losing sight of the human element. This is particularly on display during the Season 7 episode "Intimate Violence," which starts out as a pulse-pounding investigation into the violent aftermath of an armed robbery, only to develop into a surprisingly urgent meditation on the nature and the toll of domestic abuse.

At the center of the episode — which originally aired on March 4, 2020 in the U.S. — is Michelle Sullivan, the troubled woman who goes from suspect, to possible culprit, to demonstrable victim in the team's appreciation as the investigation goes on. Ultimately, "Intimate Violence" hinges on the mission to ensure Michelle's safety and wellbeing, and one of the reasons these stakes felt so urgent is the excellent performance of the actress who plays Michelle. She's been working for some time now, and you may have seen her in a few other places. Here are some of the roles you might know the actress Haley Webb from.

Haley Webb played one of the hapless youths in The Final Destination

The "Final Destination" franchise was already well on its way to cult status by the time it went up a level in extravagance and morbid grandeur by embracing 3D technology with its fourth installment, 2009's highly successful — and somewhat confusingly titled — "The Final Destination."

One of the hapless youths in the film's ensemble cast is played by Haley Webb, a Virginia-born actress and filmmaker who has been charting her own path in the industry for the past decade and a half (Moviefone). In "The Final Destination," Webb plays Janet Cunningham, the friend of Lori Milligan (Shantel VanSanten) who gets dragged along to the race track where the film's requisite precipitating disaster takes place. 

After narrowly escaping the race track accident, Lori, Janet, and a few others finds themselves in the peculiar position of seemingly cheating death over and over, as Nick O'Bannon's (Bobby Campo) premonitions allow Lori be repeatedly saved by her friends in the nick of time.Unfortunately,, others like Janet aren't so lucky. Of course, it being a "Final Destination" movie, Lori's "luck" — as it may be — also doesn't last very long.

She was one of the leads in the crime thriller Rushlights

"Rushlights" is a 2013 crime thriller directed by Antoni Stutz, which follows a young couple from the outskirts of Los Angeles who, having just met, are suddenly faced with the opportunity of a lifetime. The woman's friend, who looks almost exactly like her, dies before getting the opportunity to claim her uncle's vast inheritance. So she bands up with her newfound lover, and together they go on a trip to the minuscule town of Tremo, Texas, to try and claim it, certain that no one there will be able to notice their ruse. Or so they think.

An unabashed throwback to the neo-noir thrillers of the 1990s with echoes of Southern Gothic drama, the film stars Haley Webb and Josh Henderson as scammer antiheroes Sarah and Billy, and veterans Aidan Quinn and Beau Bridges round out the principal cast in the roles of attorney Cameron Brogden and his brother, Sheriff Brogden, respectively. The film was generally panned by critics (via Metacritic), but the acting, including Webb's, was well-received, with Filmmaker Magazine remarking on the "array of impressive performance and technical credits."

She was Jennifer Blake, a.k.a. Julia Baccari, in Teen Wolf

In addition to her work as an actress and director in short and feature-length films, Haley Webb has also guest-starred on multiple TV shows throughout the years, including "Shark," "Major Crimes," "The Librarians," and "Hawaii Five-0." But her biggest TV role, and only multi-episode role so far, is a recurring arc as Jennifer Blake on Season 3 of MTV's "Teen Wolf."

Jennifer — whose real name is Julia Baccari, and who was commonly referred to by the alias "The Darach" — is one of the third season's main villains. A vengeful druid who is nearly killed by an alpha werewolf and becomes dead-set on destroying the also-villainous Alpha Pack, she originally enters "Teen Wolf" in the seemingly innocuous role of Beacon Hills High School's new English teacher. But later on, that ordinary human life, as well as her beautiful, youthful appearance, are revealed to be a mere disguise as the season progresses.

The character herself only appears in Season 3 of the popular series, but Webb returns to the show for a guest spot in Season 6 when the ancient shapeshifter known as the Anuk-ite takes Jennifer's form in an attempt to kill Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin).