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Jeff Goldblum Confirms What We All Suspected About Taika Waititi's On-Set Behavior

Taika Waititi's "Thor: Ragnarok" serves as a refreshing MCU film that is also regarded by many as the best so far in the "Thor" series. Currently, the film has the highest critical rating within the series on Rotten Tomatoes with 93%. "So far" is the key point to keep in mind, as fans are keeping their eyes peeled for the upcoming "Thor: Love and Thunder," which will once again be directed by Waititi. Part of what makes "Thor: Ragnarok" such a success is Waititi's direction of colorful new characters introduced into the MCU, including the Grandmaster, played by Jeff Goldblum.

Before filming "Thor: Ragnarok," Goldblum already had a list of memorable roles to his credit, from Dr. Ian Malcolm in "Jurassic Park" to Seth Brundle in "The Fly." In his MCU debut film, it's arguable that the actor steals quite a few scenes as the Grandmaster, and there's a certain overtly humorous and chaotic charm to his character in "Thor: Ragnarok." On top of that, Goldblum obviously enjoys collaborating with Waititi, and in a recent interview with GQ, the actor revealed more insight into how things are on-set with the top director.

Jeff Goldblum is heavy with praise for Taika Waititi

According to Jeff Goldblum's interview with GQ about his most memorable characters throughout his career, filming with Taika Waititi on "Thor: Ragnarok" was a complete blast. Reflecting on meeting with the director and discussing the initial vision for "Thor: Ragnarok," Goldblum gave a lot of praise to Waititi, saying to GQ, "He's so smart and good and heartfelt and authentic and unusual and hilarious and full of the energy of life."

Goldblum also noted in the interview that Waititi encouraged the actor to play his character more like himself and improvise on lines, as well as throw out any ideas for his character while shooting. Goldblum's remarks about working with Waititi on "Thor: Ragnarok" mirror some of the comments Chris Hemsworth made during a 2019 interview with Empire. Hemsworth said in the interview that Waititi "creates an environment that is beautifully chaotic and explorative. He kept encouraging all of us to play against any initial instinct and dig deeper in order to keep it fresh and unexpected. There was a lot of improvisation that, even if didn't end up on screen, dictated a tonal direction for us."

Marvel Fans are already excitedly awaiting Waititi's "Thor: Love and Thunder," especially as it has already wrapped production. But in the same GQ interview, Goldblum may have added more fuel to a blazing bonfire by subtly teasing a return for his Grandmaster character. The actor added that he's working on a secret project with the director, which may have to do with his Grandmaster character. Whether or not this secret project is the upcoming "Thor" film, we'll have to wait and see.