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Best Grey's Anatomy Bloopers We Could Find

In February of 2019, the ABC series "Grey's Anatomy" pulled off an incredible feat: it became the longest-running primetime medical drama on American television. The series surpassed the previous owner of the title, the 1994 series "ER," which lasted for an impressive 15 seasons and launched the careers of stars like George Clooney and Julianna Margulies. "Grey's Anatomy," is currently in its 18th season, and no plans have been announced for the show to end anytime soon.

Obviously, a show that stays on the air this long has to be exceedingly popular, and that is certainly the case for "Grey's." It has been a massive hit for creator Shonda Rhimes, who has since then created a whole network of content under the umbrella "Shondaland." The show has also been a huge success for its star, Ellen Pompeo, who in 2018 was the highest-paid actor in television and reportedly makes $6 million a year alone in syndication profits.

Though "Grey's Anatomy" has recently been mired in controversy because of a tell-all book about the show that was published this year, many fans would prefer to remember the happier moments from the series. There is one tried and true method to find yourself endeared to the cast of a show: watch the blooper reels. But, because there have been so many seasons of "Grey's," we've decided to make it easy for you and choose only the funniest ones. So without further ado, here are the best "Grey's Anatomy" bloopers we could find.

Izzie, Meredith, and Callie are the new Charlie's Angels

There have been a lot of weddings on "Grey's Anatomy." Depending on how you count it (Meredith and Derek have technically had three weddings), there have been approximately 15 weddings over the course of the series. Some are more memorable than others, and the weddings are often quick ceremonies that are scheduled in between surgeries.

The first wedding on "Grey's," before they became old hat, was between Cristina and Burke, though they didn't actually go through with the marriage. (Burke realized Cristina didn't want to marry him and promptly disappeared). Though the wedding itself may not be that memorable, one blooper from the episode certainly is.

In one scene where the three bridesmaids — Izzie, Meredith, and Callie — are supposed to walk down the aisle, they instead decide to try something else. When the doors open and the guests all turn their heads, instead of beginning the precession the three actors decide to pose as Charlie's Angels while the wedding guests look on. Sara Ramirez (Callie) in particular puts a lot of effort into their performance, grimacing like a secret agent and making all the extras laugh. Sorry Cristina, but this is the wedding scene we deserved.

Cristina sings nursery rhymes

The medical drama is probably one of the hardest genres of television for actors to memorize their lines. The characters in shows like "Grey's Anatomy" are constantly spouting medical jargon, much of which the actors surely don't know the meaning of. So it's no surprise that actors on the show frequently forget or flub their lines.

Even when the line isn't a medical one, network shows with 20-plus episodes a season are notoriously difficult to work on, and the turnaround time between episodes is often very short. In one scene from Season 3, Sandra Oh (who plays Cristina Yang) just can't remember what she's supposed to say to Meredith, who is in this moment laying in a hospital bed. When the line doesn't come to her, she repeats what's on her mind. "All I can think is hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock." It's definitely not what she's meant to be saying to Meredith, but maybe Meredith would appreciate a nice nursery rhyme in her compromised state, who knows?

Seth Green bleeds profusely on the operating table

One of the most exciting parts of watching "Grey's" — besides, you know, all the natural disasters and plane crashes — is the seemingly endless slate of guest stars the show features. From Demi Lovato to Sarah Paulson to Abigail Breslin, the list of famous actors who have been featured on the show is a long one.

One familiar face you might have forgotten was is Seth Green, known for series such as "Robot Chicken" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." In one Season 3 episode, Green is on the operating table, ostensibly about to be saved by the brilliant doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. In one outtake, Green goes off-script. With blood literally streaming from his neck, Green tells the audience: "Hi. I'm TV's Seth Green. You know, blood transfusions are more important than ever. You don't want to find yourself in a situation like this. So please, do yourselves a favor. Give blood." While it may not be what was originally in the script, it's certainly an effective PSA.

Izzie shocks a patient by flubbing her lines

While Katherine Heigl may have a reputation for being difficult to work with, her performance as Izzie Stevens is definitely one for the books. In particular, the scene where she strips down to her skivvies after being shamed for being an underwear model has gone down in history as a classic Grey's moment.

But, one far more innocuous scene gives us our first Izzie Stevens blooper. In one scene from Season 4, she's speaking to a patient and trying to explain to him what might be wrong with his knee. "There could be some sort of, um, s***, hold on, sorry," she tells him. The actor playing her patient goes along with it, exclaiming "There's s*** in my knee? There's s*** in my knee?" with perfect comedic timing. It just goes to show you that the character actors and extras on "Grey's" deserve love too.

Webber can't put his gloves on

Though "Grey's Anatomy" star Ellen Pompeo is usually considered the long-standing face of the show, there are other actors who have been there just as long as her. One such actor is James Pickens Jr., who plays Dr. Richard Webber. Formerly the Chief of Surgery and then the Residency Program Director at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Webber is one of the most experienced doctors on the staff, as is Pickens Jr.

One blooper, however, reveals that Pickens Jr. didn't always get it right. In one operating room scene, Dr. Webber is preparing for surgery but realizes something is not quite right. He raises his hand to the camera to reveal that his latex glove has missed several of his fingers on one hand. The camera zooms in on the offending glove and he stares it down, drawing laughs from the crew. Pickens Jr. is clearly a cheerful person to have on set, as evidenced by the fact that he sarcastically exclaims, "Quality TV drama, people!" in many of the blooper reels. Quality drama, indeed.

Meredith eats her engagement ring

As we mentioned earlier, Meredith and Derek have technically had three different weddings over the course of the show, and their often tumultuous relationship is one of the central storylines of the series. After their "post-it wedding" in Season 5, they officially tie the knot in Season 7 at city hall. In one scene from the season, the crew decides to get in on the blooper fun.

In this blooper, Meredith is admiring the wedding ring Derek has given her. Behind the camera, the director tells her "now, take it into your mouth, and bite it." Ellen Pompeo laughs but then she actually does it, going so far as to very convincingly swallow the whole ring. "Don't swallow it!" the director yells. Let's hope Pompeo didn't actually swallow the ring, or that could have led to a real-life medical procedure being performed on the set.

Cristina spoon-feeds a patient Jell-O

It must be quite a trip to be a featured actor on "Grey's Anatomy." The series has employed hundreds of actors over the years to play ill, dying, and deceased characters, and most of these actors haven't gotten much recognition for their work. Playing sick or on your deathbed can't be easy, even if it may look like a cinch on TV.

What also can't be easy is being spoon-fed by an actor with no medical experience playing a doctor. In one scene from Season 5, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) is supposed to feed a patient Jell-O because he is too weak to do it himself. But, when she tries to spoon it into his mouth, not all of it makes it in and some of the Jell-O falls onto his neck. To the actor's credit, he maintains his composer remarkably well, and it's actually the other actors in the scene who start laughing. We suppose he can't really complain anyways, as being spoon-fed Jell-O by Sandra Oh is a pretty enviable position to be in if you really think about it.

Derek yells at an assistant in the operating room

It's very clear that Patrick Dempsey — McDreamy himself — is a very charming guy, something he's been proving at least as far back as "Sweet Home Alabama." His charm clearly carries over to his antics on set, as he is seen in many blooper reels making jokes and hamming it up for the camera. The days on set must get long and tiring, so we can't really blame him.

In one amusing blooper, Dempsey goes off-script and starts berating one of his assistants in the operating room, one of the many unnamed characters that fill the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial. "This is the most important operation of my life and you're not even focused?" He yells at the poor assistant, criticizing the quality of the suture they've just made. "Just get out of the OR," he exclaims. Now, Patrick Dempsey is certainly not in the position to chastise someone for their lack of surgical prowess, but he is in the position to make jokes about it on television.

Karev forgets who's operating

Like most medical dramas, much of "Grey's Anatomy," takes place in a fairly small number of locations, many of them being various rooms in the hospital. While one of the most dramatic filming locations is the operating room itself, another underrated set is the gallery, where other doctors or hospital staff can watch surgeries from a glass-encased room overlooking the OR.

In one episode in Season 6, Yang is performing a risky surgery under the supervision of Teddy Altman, the new head of ​​cardiothoracic surgery. The surgery isn't going well, and the doctors in the gallery start to wonder why Altman has jumped in to help. In a blooper for this scene, Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) momentarily forgets who's in the OR.

"Do you think Grey's gonna be okay?" Chambers asks. Ellen Pompeo, who is sitting behind him in the gallery, responds, "I don't know, but that's Yang, I'm Grey." The gallery erupts in laughter and Chambers struggles to say the line correctly. Yang, Grey, what's the difference, really?

Callie laughs about her husband getting hit by a bus

In one of the saddest deaths on "Grey's Anatomy," Callie Torres' former husband, George O'Malley, was killed after being hit by a bus. George was the first main character to be killed on the show, and the death was quite a shock to fans. First of all, it took nearly the whole episode for the doctors to figure out that it was actually George lying in the hospital bed, and second of all, it wasn't revealed he actually died until the Season 6 premiere, which aired months later.

Though they had broken up by the time George died, Callie and George were married in Season 3. Despite the nature of their relationship at this time, Callie was devastated when Georgie died, as she still cared a lot for him. In one Season 6 episode following his death, Sara Ramirez struggles to react properly to George's passing. Opening the door to Mark, Ramirez delivers their line "my ex-husband got hit by a bus, he died," while teary-eyed and blubbering. Only Ramirez is not content with their performance, and immediately bursts out laughing, closing the door and saying "I gotta do that again." It's certainly a whiplash moment, especially since Ramirez's performance is so believable before they start cracking up. That's acting, folks.

Yang cannot hang the x-rays to save her life

Sometimes, it's the little things that get actors tripped up. Opening doors, popping bottles of champagne, putting on gloves, these are the things that can really derail a scene. On a show like "Grey's Anatomy," when there are so many technical details that actors have to perform, mistakes like these happen quite frequently.

In one episode from Season 7, Sandra Oh just can't get it right. In the scene, Cristina is meant to be hanging up two X-rays on the wall to show to Owen and Teddy. The right one goes up just fine, but the one on the left just doesn't seem to stick. Oh tries to hang the X-rays at least five times, to no avail, getting more and more frustrated each time. This scene takes up a good portion of the blooper reel for Season 7, so unfortunately Oh can't really live this one down.

Bailey is afraid of a burger

All actors mess up their lines from time to time, but some mistakes are funnier than others. There's flubbing or forgetting your lines, and then there's accidentally saying something that's entirely inappropriate for the situation. One example is Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins) saying she's going to make an incision in someone's "super-poop," and another is Chandra Wilson vs. a burglar.

In one scene, Wilson, who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey, enters a room in a rather amusing fashion. Coming home for the day to her husband, Wilson shuts the door and says, "could be a burger," instead of the line she was actually supposed to say, "could be a burglar." While the original line certainly makes more sense in this context, Wilson's ad-lib is definitely funnier, and it's hilarious to imagine the formable Dr. Bailey being afraid of a burger. Although, come to think of it, stranger things have happened at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Webber and co. get some cardio walking up the stairs

One doesn't usually think of hospital dramas as the most physical of shows, apart from when the actors have to stand up for long periods of time "performing" surgeries on patients. Of course, "Grey's" is a little different from a typical hospital drama, since there seems to be some sort of huge disaster or over-the-top crisis nearly every season, something that sometimes causes the doctors themselves to be in life-threatening situations.

But there's one fairly mundane scene in "Grey's" that proved to be a bit of a workout for the actors. In one moment from Season 8, Dr. Webber, along with Callie and Bailey, is walking up the stairs trying to relay some information to them. He keeps flubbing the line though — at one point saying, "I sent you an email with my scritini" instead of "screening material" — and the three actors have to keep walking up and down the stairs every time they reset the scene. This clearly took a toll on James Pickens Jr. because in a scene they filmed later that day Pickens Jr. forgets his line again, claiming that he's got "oxygen deprivation from walking up and down these steps." It's clearly harder than it looks playing a doctor on TV.

Arizona tries to catch a ping pong ball

Dr. Webber isn't the only doctor who's had to perform physical activity at work. In one scene from Season 9, Derek and one of the interns are blowing off steam by playing a game of ping pong in the break room. (Frankly, delivering your lines while also playing any type of sport sounds rather difficult). Arizona Robbins, played by Jessica Capshaw, is supposed to walk in and interrupt them, but she has a bit of trouble doing so.

When Arizona walks in, Derek says, "I'm in the middle of a game," and Arizona responds, "well, not anymore!" What Capshaw is supposed to do in this scene is grab the ball before Shane, the intern, is able to hit it back to Derek. This proves more difficult than anticipated as Capshaw and her scene mates have to do the scene several times in a row. It becomes particularly challenging for Capshaw because she has to look at Derek while trying to catch the ball, which means she can't also focus on the ball itself while trying to catch it. In the last take we see in the blooper reel, Capshaw walks away and says "this is silly." We've got to agree with her there.

Jo and Owen let their real accents fly

Die-hard "Grey's" fans probably know this, but casual fans might not. Though most of the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial are American, there are a few actors that are not. Most notably, Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen, is actually Scottish, and Camilla Luddington, who plays Jo, is British. In fact, Kevin McKidd is so Scottish that he actually played a character named Lord MacGuffin in the Pixar movie "Brave," a role that really let his Scottish accent shine.

On "Grey's," both McKidd and Luddington had to keep their true accents under wraps while the show was filming. In one riveting blooper from Season 10, McKidd and Luddington do one take that's just for them. In one scene where Owen and Jo are meant to be walking around the hospital discussing a case, McKidd and Luddington do a whole take where they say their lines in their natural accents. It's quite a trip since we're so used to hearing Owen and Jo sound American, and it looks like it was a fun exercise for the actors too.

Meredith Grey loves artichoke dip

Sometimes, the words just don't come out right. "Grey's Anatomy" star Ellen Pompeo has had her fair share of linguistic slip-ups. (This is especially understandable considering Pompeo has been in nearly 400 episodes of the show).

In one of the classic 'hanging-up-the-X-rays' scenes, Pompeo struggles to get the medical jargon out of her mouth. After emitting a number of sounds that definitely aren't words in the English language, Pompeo gives up trying to say the line properly and just says "artichoke dip," in lieu of the actual phrase. After resetting the scene time and time again, Pompeo seems to only get more hysterical and incapable of saying the correct line, finally saying, "Let's try that again, shall we?" after bursting into uncontrollable laughter.

Debbie Allen shows off her moves

One of the most exciting guest stars to ever appear on "Grey's Anatomy" is Debbie Allen, the legendary dancer, choreographer, and director. Allen first appeared as Catherine Fox in Season 8 of "Grey's," and has been a recurring guest star on the show ever since. She also became an executive producer of the series in Season 12 and has directed dozens of episodes.

If you aren't familiar with Allen, she is a multi-talented performer known for her work on the TV series "Fame," in which she portrayed and dance teacher and was the show's principal choreographer, and she also directed more than half of the episodes of the NBC series "A Different World." She's also starred in several prominent Broadway musicals, including "West Side Story" and "Sweet Charity," and runs her own dance academy in Los Angeles.

Allen's role on "Grey's" has absolutely nothing to do with dance, but on occasion, Allen did take out her dancing shoes, much to the delight of the cast and crew. In one scene from Season 13, Allen is walking down the hall in her scrubs when she suddenly breaks out into a rather enthusiastic dance. It's incredible to see Allen pull out the moves in her hospital getup, and the crew loves seeing it too if the laughter from behind the camera is any indication.