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The Curse Of Oak Island Crew Member That Has Fans Confused

At first glance, it's easy to see the appeal of History's hit treasure-hunting series "The Curse of Oak Island." Series creators Rick and Marty Lagina are in the midst of their ninth season on the titular island, where they've spent years digging for a mysterious treasure rumored to have been there since the 1700s. The premise alone struck a chord with millions of viewers worldwide, who were drawn in by the exciting prospect of a real-life treasure hunt unfolding before their eyes, and the series' loyal audience has kept the show afloat despite the Laginas' continuous failure to actually discover anything of note.

As evidenced by the ever-growing team of would-be treasure hunters that join the Laginas each season, the call for adventure at the heart of the series is a feeling that's nearly universal. Indeed, to search Oak Island is a dream job for crew member Scott Barlow, who has been obsessed with the rumored treasure ever since he was 12 years old (via SaltWire.com). Barlow has been working alongside the Laginas since 2018, and often makes appearances in the series as a side character.

However, while the audience might sympathize with his devotion to finding the treasure, there is one part of Barlow's presence on the show that has many fans scratching their heads.

What does Scott Barlow actually do?

According to fans on Reddit, the most confusing part about Scott Barlow's appearance in the show is the fact that nobody can explain what his actual job is. "Scott Barlow is one of my favorite B-tier characters on this show because I have absolutely no idea what he does," writes u/therockismyboone. "Neither does he," responded u/JoeDirtsMullet00. The cast of the series insists that Barlow is the project manager of Oak Island Tours (the company that runs the search for the island's treasure), but what exactly does that title mean?

"He does... stuff," Reddit user u/runnerswanted put in vaguely, which seems to be about the most accurate representation of Barlow's job possible. Barlow will float between hands-on work in the excavation site one episode, then investigate data and historical records the next — but he doesn't really do anything you might imagine a project manager might do, let alone anything related to tours on the island. Indeed, even the website for Oak Island Tours makes no mention of him (though it does mention fellow crew member Charles Barkhouse).

It's hilarious that Barlow has such an important-sounding title considering that anytime he appears on screen, he doesn't seem to be doing anything close to management, nor tourism. We can only guess at what his role might be behind the scenes, but it's nearly impossible to tell what it is that Scott Barlow actually does — which makes his occasional appearances even more entertaining.