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The Question The Lagina Brothers Can't Answer On The Curse Of Oak Island

For many fans, "The Curse of Oak Island" is the ultimate treasure hunt. Across nine seasons and counting, the documentary series has followed brothers Rick and Marty Lagina in their ongoing hunt for the legendary treasure rumored to be buried somewhere on Oak Island in Nova Scotia. The journey of the brothers and their team in exploring the island has had its considerable share of eye-opening breakthroughs, unfortunate setbacks, unexpected excitement, and crushing disappointments, but the series always keeps viewers interested with the promise of another lead or clue just over the horizon — the thing that could potentially break the case wide open and finally reveal the secrets of the centuries-old mystery.

The Lagina brothers are very transparent about the developments — both good and bad — in their lengthy quest to find the treasure, and their enduring passion for solving the mysteries of the island consistently shines through. However, there is one particularly worrying question about the team's expedition that neither of them can give a satisfactory answer to.

What if there's no treasure on Oak Island?

The discourse over whether the Oak Island mystery has any truth to it or whether it's just an enormous dead-end or hoax has been lively, to say the least, and is likely to continue raging until some sort of definitive resolution to the mystery is reached. What cannot be denied, however, is that the mystery has robbed multiple people of their time, their money, and even their lives in the pursuit of finding something that may not even exist.

According to TV Over Mind, the Lagina brothers were once asked in an interview about whether they have ever gotten concerned that their gigantic Oak Island expedition might be little more than a wild goose chase and a massive waste of money. Marty acknowledged that the fear has crossed the minds of the brothers and their team, though he reaffirmed that they are steadfast in their belief that there is truth to the mystery. Rick suggested that there simply is no contingency plan if the mystery turns out to be a sham.

In essence, the brothers are operating on faith. They cannot answer the question of what they'll do if the entire legend is false all along because they firmly believe that it is true. Only time will tell if the Lagina brothers' all-cards-on-the-table approach to solving the mystery of Oak Island will be rewarded.