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Fra Fee Teases What To Expect From The Season Finale Of Hawkeye - Exclusive

The MCU is delivering fans an epic December, and they're not stopping yet. Between the incredible release of "Spider-Man: No Way Home" and gearing up for the final episode of "Hawkeye" on Wednesday, Marvel fans will have a whole lot to talk about during any awkward silences at holiday dinners. However, arguments about fans' favorite Spider-Man can get just as heated as political topics, so proceed with caution.

So far, "Hawkeye" has provided the perfect blend of holiday cheer, profound character studies on Kate and Clint, and more action than you might expect from a holiday show that ends every episode with a holiday jam. But that's not all. The show has introduced some epic moments with Clint Barton, and beyond that will change the MCU as a whole — like a certain Marvel character who will show up in the episode. 

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Kazi actor Fra Fee teased the explosive "Hawkeye" season finale and how it sets up the rest of Phase 4.

The explosive Hawkeye finale

Fra Fee didn't hold back when it comes to how much the "Hawkeye" finale will impact Phase 4 of the MCU as a whole. He teased, "Hugely. I would say the finale of this show is just going to knock your socks off. It's extremely exciting. It has huge repercussions for the MCU and its story moving along. Yeah. It's really exciting. It's a big one." With a laugh, he added, "That's all I've got on that one." Okay, MCU fans: Who really can't wait for Wednesday after that tease?

With a show so jam-packed with action, fans haven't gotten much in the way of Kazi's backstory. On how Free would categorize his character and his favorite part of playing him, Fee explained, "What I love about how Marvel [has] treated these stories, [is] they've plucked them from the comic books and given them real humanity. And Kazi, whilst seemingly ... and his actions, he's a criminal, and he shoots people and seems okay with that."

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to Kazi. "There's a lot of hidden depth, and there's a lot of backstory as to how he found himself there and why he feels loyal to that world. It's all he's ever known is that organization," Fee noted. "It's his family, and it would take a lot for him to betray that family. I don't think he knows if he could survive outside of it. And I've loved finding all of this out. I've loved exploring the backstory and figuring out exactly where his motivations are and how he's come to be the person that he is from that cute little kid in the karate class." On whether there's an MCU project Fee wants Kazi to show up on, he joked, "Yeah. I think it's called "Kazi." Raise your hand if you'd totally watch that.

The season finale of "Hawkeye" is available this Wednesday on Disney+.