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The Biggest Moments In Cobra Kai Season 4

It might not have struck first, but "Cobra Kai" Season 4 certainly strikes hard and shows no mercy. Loaded up with more drama and martial arts action than ever before, it takes "The Karate Kid" mythology to the next level. Of course, expectations were always going to be high ever after it was announced that Thomas Ian Griffith would be returning to play the irrepressible Cobra Kai sensei Terry Silver — and boy, did Silver have a part to play in this season!

While "Cobra Kai" Season 4 promised events like the All Valley Karate Tournament determining the future of the dojo wars and the highly anticipated rematch between Robby Keene and Miguel Diaz, no one could've predicted the shocking twists and turns that the show delivered in the end. Just when we thought we had it all figured out, "Cobra Kai" went and swept the leg with these big, unexpected moments.

Terry Silver rediscovers his true instincts

After the torment Terry Silver put Daniel LaRusso through in "The Karate Kid Part III," we all waited to see what the master manipulator would bring in "Cobra Kai" Season 4. Yet, in the beginning, he's a different Terry — or Terrence, as his partner, Cheyenne, refers to him. He seems to deeply regret his past behavior as he tries to live a new, healthier life away from the toxicity of the Cobra Kai ethos. It's what Ralph Macchio described to Empire as "another angle to Terry Silver, and when you call upon those stories and dive into the grey areas, it expands the universe and the story."

However, the more that John Kreese reminds him of their past, the more he starts to slip back into his old ways. While his roundhouse kick to the wine bottle in his cellar is his proverbial reawakening, Silver tying up his hair into the iconic ponytail is the more obvious symbolism. It's at this point that everyone knows Terrence is gone and Terry is back. That knowing smirk of his should've come with a spoiler alert since his deviousness knows no bounds in Season 4.

Johnny versus Daniel

There are three certainties in life: Death, taxes, and Johnny and Daniel fighting about something or the other. While the two rivals agreed to put aside their differences to take down Cobra Kai, anyone could see it was only a matter of time before their newfound truce would start to show cracks. Even though they try to play nice and teach each other their respective forms of karate, they eventually clash over who should be leading this new combined dojo.

In typical Johnny and Daniel fashion, they decide to resolve their dispute in a winner-takes-all sensei showdown. Predictable, right? What's hilarious about this is that even their students can't believe how silly these two grown men are behaving over such a non-issue. Ultimately, both Johnny and Daniel get what they deserve as they mistakenly knock each other out for a tie in a memeable moment. It might've taken four seasons, but their stubbornness finally catches up with them in the best possible way here.

Miguel discovers Johnny and Carmen's relationship

Poor Miguel. Having just recovered from a life-threatening injury, he's now faced with his next threat: The thought of his mother and sensei doing bedroom jiu-jitsu. Carmen and Johnny planned to tell Miguel about their relationship when the time was right; however, he discovers it on his own when he spots one of Johnny's clothing items on his mother's bed. Look, Miguel is a smart kid and should've seen it coming; surely he must've had questions of why Johnny was invited over for dinner so many times during the week?

Miguel's reaction to the news of their relationship is mature. Yes, he has questions and concerns, but he isn't lashing out at the two for keeping it from him. On the other hand, Johnny is overly concerned, fearing that Miguel will view him as he did his own mother's boyfriends and stepfather. It shows how much Miguel means to Johnny, and how he wants to make sure he does right by him all the time. It's actually heartwarming to see Johnny's softer, caring side surface here.

Robby and Tory become a couple

Robby Keene and Tory Nichols were brought together by their mutual desire to stick it to Sam and Miguel for hurting them. While they had other intentions to start off with, they end up developing real feelings for each other, culminating with them dazzling up the dancefloor at junior prom and sharing a passionate kiss. This is a relationship that makes a lot of sense, though, since both Robby and Tory are similar in many ways. They understand what it's like to be an outsider, fighting for survival and never fitting in. They bring out the best in each other and manage to find the happiness, which they both deserve.

While many fans were hoping for Robmantha to make a return in "Cobra Kai" Season 4, there's no doubt that Rory might be the hottest couple to hit the show yet. Heck, even their exes are gobsmacked (and supremely jealous) by how perfect they are together!

Aisha's return

Many fans were disappointed when fan favorite Aisha Robinson didn't return in Season 3. However, like the creators promised, she would return if they found a storytelling reason for it. "Sometimes people need to exit to make their [re-entry] a little bit different and bigger," executive producer Josh Heald declared in a TVLine interview.

While Aisha didn't have a major role in "Cobra Kai” Season 4, she returns for a cameo in Episode 6. She provides sound advice to Sam, who's struggling with the fact that Tory is back at school. Aisha reveals that her parents moved her away from the karate drama, but she still applies the lessons she learned to her life — like striking first. She tells Sam that it doesn't mean attacking someone; it's about setting your own terms about how you'll be treated by them. Aisha's appearance is brief, but it's a turning point in Sam's story arc. It inspires her to step up to Tory and learn more from Johnny's lessons.

Kenny becomes the bully

Undoubtedly, the character that experiences the biggest turnaround in "Cobra Kai" Season 4 is Kenny, as portrayed by Dallas Dupree Young. Introduced as a shy and meek kid, he ends up being bullied by Anthony LaRusso and his friends. Kenny joins Cobra Kai and learns how to stand up for himself; however, he's also taught the mantra of showing no mercy. When Anthony eventually apologizes for his behavior, Kenny doesn't accept it. Instead, he delivers a brutal beatdown, only being stopped by Robby from inflicting more damage on the youngest LaRusso.

In an interview with Deadline, William Zabka said, "There's a saying that every bully was once a victim. Everybody has a backstory and everybody has their point of view depending how a story is told." His words hold true for Kenny here. Anthony humiliated him for the longest time, embarrassing him in front of the whole school every chance that he got. Now, the cycle continues but in the opposite direction, as Kenny is adamant that he will get retribution and then some. But will they ever be able to find common ground again or is it too late for Kenny to forgive Anthony?

Hawk wins!

Considering how "Cobra Kai" has always revolved around Robby and Miguel, it's surprising how a new winner emerged at the All Valley Karate Tournament: Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz. It makes sense in the grand scheme of things, though. While the Robby and Miguel rematch did happen, the outcome is the right one — as the latter decided that a dojo war isn't what he signed up for and left on his terms.

Hawk's win, however, is particularly important here. "Cobra Kai" Season 4 is his redemption arc after he'd turned to the dark side in the seasons before. He loses his confidence (and mohawk) and questions everything about the identity he built for himself. In the end, he discovers that Hawk always existed inside of Eli, but he doesn't need to change who he is to suit a narrative. He beats Robby because he finds balance — another one of the central themes on the show. That said, here's hoping that his legendary mohawk returns in Season 5 because it's simply breathtaking.

Daniel finally remembers Miyagi's greatest lesson

A key story thread of "Cobra Kai" Season 4 centers on how no form of karate is better than the other; learning the different styles can only help a student to develop rather than stagnate. It takes Daniel nearly the whole season to realize this and Mr. Miyagi's greatest lesson from "The Karate Kid" series: Just like the bonsai chooses its own way to grow because the root is strong, you choose your own way to do karate.

During the tournament, Daniel comes to terms with the fact that Sam needs to follow her own path — whether it be the teachings of Miyagi-Do, Eagle Fang, or an amalgamation of both. He finally humbles himself and reaches out to Johnny, asking him to be co-sensei in Sam's match against Tory. It's exactly this type of moment that executive producer Hayden Schlossberg refers to as "the Ross and Rachel element" of the show (via Deadline). Seriously, Daniel and Johnny are that bickering couple, who are hilarious when they're fighting but more powerful when they join forces.

John Kreese finds his humanity

Only "Cobra Kai" could make us find sympathy for the devil. How many times has Kreese swerved us in the past, just when we're ready to believe there might be a good guy underneath that serpentine exterior? For the first time at the All Valley Karate Tournament, he sees the power he holds over young people's lives and how he ruined Johnny in the past. He finally understands that he can make or break these kids through his teachings.

As the battle between Sam and Tory reaches the crunch point, Silver encourages Tory to cheat to win. However, Kreese intervenes, telling her that she got this far on her own and she must do what she thinks is right. Tory listens to Kreese and beats Sam fair and square. The change in Kreese's behavior is notable, though, since it shows that he isn't prepared to risk destroying Tory's future like he did Johnny's. It's a massive departure for the sensei who had the win-at-all-costs mentality, signifying a seismic shift in his character arc. The question is: Was it a moment of weakness or did Kreese truly discover his humanity here?

Robby and Johnny reconcile

The animosity between Johnny Lawrence and his son looked like something they wouldn't ever get over. Despite Johnny's best efforts to become a better father, Robby couldn't let go of his abandonment issues. This all changes in "Cobra Kai" Season 4 in what's easily the most tear-inducing scene in the entire series. After the All Valley Karate Tournament, Robby finds Johnny back at the old Cobra Kai dojo. There's no blame or lashing out this time, as Robby admits how his anger has caused him so much pain and he doesn't know if he can ever let go of it. Rather than spend much time talking, the two just cry and hug it out, proving there is still a chance that they can repair their fractured relationship.

This is the powerful moment that Robby and Johnny have deserved for a long time. Both of them are tragic figures who've let their anger get the best of them. They can't change the bad decisions they've made in the past, but they can create a new future together. This might be the fresh start they've both longed for.

Terry Silver's betrayal

Terry Silver's descent into villainy is almost Shakespearean here. While he had everyone fooled, looking like he had lost his killer instinct, he once again proves that he's the master of mind games. Not only did he ensure Cobra Kai's survival by bribing the All Valley referee, but he also wrestles control for the dojo from right under his old friend's nose.

As John Kreese believes a new era of Cobra Kai is about to begin, Silver reveals that he knows his friend's weakness — and his own. In this expository conversation, Silver declares that it's time he cuts Kreese out of his life once and for all. The police arrive at Silver's home as we discover how he has framed Kreese for the assault on Stingray, who has also provided a false statement to the cops. It's an absolute masterstroke from Silver to get the other sensei out of his way. While Kreese was obsessed with proving he was the alpha male, Silver allowed him to believe what he wanted, biding his time to strike. Like he famously said in "The Karate Kid Part III": "Now the real pain begins."

The return of Chozen

Did anyone really think the dojos would honor their winner-takes-all-and-loser-disbands agreement at the All Valley? If they did, it would be the end of the show. The final scene of "Cobra Kai" Season 4 does set up some interesting situations, though. With Chozen Toguchi agreeing to team up with Daniel to take down Cobra Kai, Silver's dojo will face an adversary that they're unfamiliar with, and the element of surprise could give Miyagi-Do a slight advantage here.

At the same time, the Okinawan's arrival has the potential to stir up even more tension within Miyagi-Do. While Daniel and Chozen have worked out their differences, Season 3 hinted that they could still clash over the littlest things. There could be a bust-up around the corner, especially since they both have hothead tendencies and are very set in their ways. Also, how will Johnny react to Chozen? They've never met each other and it'll be fascinating to see what their dynamic will be. Maybe they might even get on like a house on fire due to their past issues with Daniel. Whichever way it goes, "Cobra Kai" Season 5's stakes are higher than anyone of us could've expected.