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The New Ted Lasso Episode You Probably Don't Know About

The popular Apple TV+ comedy, "Ted Lasso," follows its titular character (Jason Sudeikis), an American football coach who becomes the manager of an English Premier League soccer team, AFC Richmond, despite having no experience in the sport. The owner of the team, Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), hires Ted hoping that he'll fail as part of an act of revenge against the team's previous owner, her ex-husband who cheated on her. Despite Rebecca's intentions, however, Ted manages to successfully take over the team.

The first two seasons of "Ted Lasso" have been met with widespread critical acclaim, and several of its cast members — Sudeikis, Waddingham, and Brett Goldstein — have won Emmys for their performances in it (via IMDb). The show's second season wrapped up in October, with "Ted Lasso" Season 3 currently in development.

There's no doubt that fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the series' third season, which likely won't premiere until sometime in 2022. In the meantime, Apple TV+ has released a brand new, holiday-themed "Ted Lasso" short.

Ted Lasso searches for his mustache in a new claymation short

Apple TV+ has released a claymation "Ted Lasso" short for the holidays, titled "The Missing Christmas Mustache." In the special, which features the voices of the show's main cast, Ted and his friends embark on a hunt to find his mustache, which has mysteriously gone missing from his face.

Featuring playful Christmas music and set decorations, the four-minute claymation short sees its characters, including Roy (Brett Goldstein), Nathan (Nick Mohammed), Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), and Keeley (Juno Temple), shocked to discover that Ted's iconic mustache has disappeared from his face. Throughout the short, the team works together to find the mustache and restore it to its rightful place on Ted's face.

To find out how the missing mustache is retrieved, you'll have to watch the full short. After all, the Christmas-themed special makes for a perfect, quick holiday viewing experience — and should help tide fans over until "Ted Lasso" returns with more full-length episodes.