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Halo TV Series Will Have A Separate Continuity From The Games

Since the initial announcement of the upcoming "Halo" TV series, fans have been wondering what the show will be about. Far from just being a popular series of shooter games, the "Halo" universe also encompasses various novels, comics, and web series, some of which are unrelated to the events of the games or follow a different continuity. So far, it has been unclear whether the upcoming "Halo" series will tie into the games in any major way. The recently released trailer for the series does depict the franchise's hero, Master Chief, but the story has been kept too ambiguous to say whether it is closely related to the events of the games.

According to a representative from "Halo" game developers 343 Industries, however, the "Halo" TV series — set to premiere on Paramount+ in 2022 — will have a different continuity from the games. Here's what they had to say about their decision to keep these two timelines separated.

Why 343 is keeping the Halo TV series to its own timeline

The news that the "Halo" series will be following its own continuity comes from the studio head at 343, Kiki Wolfkill, who explained the ins-and-outs of the series' canon during a recent interview with Halopedia (via Twitter). According to her, the "Halo" franchise will distinguish between the two canons by calling the show's events the "Halo silver timeline."

"We're referring to this as the Halo Silver Timeline as a way of differentiating it from core canon," Wolfkill said. "And both protecting core canon and protecting the television story, and by that, I mean being able to give ourselves the chance to evolve both and for both to be what they need to be for their mediums without colliding with each other."

While this doesn't do much to clear up the actual story of the "Halo" TV series, it does give fans a more general idea of what they might see when it finally releases. Since 343 has made this decision to give both mediums some breathing room, fans can probably expect to see a different side of the "Halo" franchise