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Johnathan Fernandez Opens Up About Morbius And His Spider-Man Dreams - Exclusive

Johnathan Fernandez is currently appearing in HBO Max's "Gossip Girl," which was recently renewed for a second season. And while the popular reboot is keeping him busy, the actor has a plethora of other projects in the works, including a coveted role in the much-anticipated "Morbius," alongside Jared Leto. While the release of "Morbius" has been delayed on multiple occasions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's currently scheduled for release on January 28, 2022, which is sure to delight fans everywhere.

As a huge comic book fan, the actor was elated to join the cast of "Morbius," and he's also been hatching a plan to write and star in a Spider-Man movie someday. The List caught up with Fernandez to find out all about "Morbius," which continues to be kept closely under wraps, and his hopes for taking on the role of Miles Morales and playing an older version of Spider-Man in the future.

Morbius remains cloaked in mystery

Johnathan Fernandez may have scored a role in "Morbius," but his character is such a mystery that he still doesn't feature on the movie's IMDb page. "My character is still completely under wraps," the actor tells The List. "What I will say is that it was one of the best days of my life on the set ever. We shot at Sony, and I wish I could tell you all of it because it felt like my destiny almost because I'm such a huge comic book fan. Also, Spider-Man is my favorite."

Clearly, joining "Morbius" was somewhat of a dream come true for the "Gossip Girl" star. He says, "But to be at all involved in the Spider-Man universe in that way ... I'm not trying to inflate my character because I'm in a very limited fashion. But if you were to choose a small role to be, it would be this one. Being there and seeing the props and being part of that world, and who I'm working with, I was like, 'I cannot wait to talk about this,' because it was this amazing, amazing experience."

However, Fernandez remains sworn to secrecy regarding his role, meaning that fans will just have to wait until the movie hits theaters on January 28, 2022. "Because everything we did was all secret," Fernandez explains. "They haven't announced anything about the stuff that I was involved in and who I was involved in [it with]."

Making his Spider-Man dreams come true

As well as scoring a role in "Morbius," Johnathan Fernandez is hoping to one day play Spider-Man, and would love to portray an older version of the superhero. "I'm such a big fan of 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' and Miles Morales, and having an Afro-Latino Spider-Man," he explains. "I wrote a letter to [Phil] Lord and [Christopher] Miller to be like, 'I know that I'm too old for this. I know that. But also, have you thought about doing an older Spider-Man? ... Also, I'm Afro-Latino from Brooklyn, just like the character. I live and breathe this stuff.'"

Fernandez is so focused on scoring the role that he's taken matters into his own hands. "We want to do a fan film that's me playing an older Miles Morales," he says. "There's a lot of rich stories in there for, what about the guy who's been Spider-Man for 15 years? What's his outlook on life now that he's been around fighting crime for so long, he has bills that are now with a spouse, and with a kid?"

Discussing his Spider-Man hopes for the future, Fernandez explains, "I want to write a feature and maybe try to sell it, just like the gentleman who wrote the Apollo Creed movie did, where he was like, 'I wrote the script. I thought it was good.' Then somehow Stallone saw it, and then he's like, 'We have to make this movie.'"

"Gossip Girl" is exclusively available to stream on HBO Max.