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Triss And Ciri's Relationship In The Witcher Season 2 Explained

Spoilers ahead for "The Witcher" Season 2

In the expansive landscape of The Continent, there are many characters of "The Witcher" that have not met each other — even when they have many people in common. As the titular Witcher, Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) has many acquaintances that only meet when Season 2 kicks off. Two of these characters are Triss Merigold (Anna Shaffer) and Princess Cirella (Freya Allan). Both seem as though they could not be farther apart from each other in Season 1. But in Season 2, they are integral to each other's stories.

As many viewers know, Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra) is tied with Geralt's destiny. But that shouldn't discount Triss among those he cares about. Geralt and Triss first met when he was enlisted to battle a Striga, a monster from "The Witcher" that taps into real mythology. Triss had confidence in his abilities and admired Geralt for saving the Princess of Temeria instead of killing her. After Geralt accepts Ciri as his Child Surprise, Triss finds the two at Kaer Morhen. The two women in Geralt's life find that they have more in common than they realized.

Both characters are connected through Geralt

Geralt has often avoided human connection. So much so that he ignored the Law of Surprise for 10 years before accepting Ciri as his charge. But once Geralt officially meets Ciri, the two are bonded for life. Ciri loves Geralt like a father. She trusts him implicitly and knows that he will do anything he can to protect her. This affection for the Witcher is something that Triss also shares.

After the Battle of Sodden, Triss struggles to heal from her wounds. She seeks out Geralt at Kaer Morhen, as he is the only one who can understand her emotional wounds as well as her profound loneliness. In a heartbreaking moment, Geralt rejects Triss's offer to spend the night with her, saying that he is not in an emotional place to start anything. But Triss is left devastated. Even though the two couldn't make it work, Triss finds solace in accepting Geralt's request to help Ciri.

Triss teaches Ciri to control her chaos

Geralt begins to suspect Ciri's talent for chaos almost immediately. When they first meet, Ciri asks who Yennefer is, someone she has never met. Geralt knows that Ciri has precognitive abilities, but suspects that there is something else that he is missing. After Triss arrives at Kaer Morhen, they decide to help Ciri control her chaos. Triss teaches her the basics for magic-wielding, becoming a female role model for Ciri in the process.

Ciri's last mother figure was with her grandmother Queen Calanthe, who died at the invasion of Cintra. Their relationship was quite close and although Ciri is bonded with Geralt, female companionship is something that was lacking. Ciri idolizes Triss in a way, even trying to style herself in a similar fashion as the older sorceress. Of course, the Witchers at Kaer Morhen live hard lives and tease Ciri for her floral appearance. Triss becomes incensed when she hears Lambert ridicule Ciri and she is furious at how they dress Ciri in rags. Ciri holds her own against the Witchers, but she is comforted by a supportive female presence. The two forge a strong bond — but it is not all smooth sailing.

Triss's terrifying vision

Ciri's mysterious Elder blood is an issue that soon becomes hard to ignore. Geralt leaves to investigate the destroyed Monolith, leaving her in the care of Vesemir (Kim Bodnia) and Triss. And even though it seems as though that wouldn't automatically lead to disaster, often that is the case when Geralt leaves Ciri alone. Vesemir discovers that Feainnewedd has grown where Ciri's blood has been spilled. It is an old legend, but it gives credence to the idea that Ciri has Elder blood.

Even further evidence of this power is when Triss takes Ciri on a vision quest. The two take a trip into Ciri's subconscious, but it does not go as planned. The visions become more intense until they stumble onto a terrifying vision of Ithlinne's prophecy (Ithlinne was an elf who prophesied the end of times). She promises that one day, one with Elder blood will return and end the world through flame. The vision then turns on them as Ithlinne chokes Triss. 

Triss is horrified. Not only should the vision not be physically interacting with them, but the content of the prophecy is particularly upsetting to Triss. Triss is certain that Ciri is dangerous, and their relationship is fragmented after the incident. Geralt understands that Ciri needs to learn to further control her chaos and takes her to the Temple of Melitele for further guidance.