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Tim McGraw Confirms What We Suspected All Along About Taylor Sheridan's On-Set Behavior

While dramatic acting isn't the first thing fans likely think of when they hear Tim McGraw's name, the country musician does have a few major acting projects under his belt. McGraw had plumb parts in the movie version of "Friday Night Lights" as well as "Tomorrowland," "Country Strong," "The Blind Side," "The Shack" and "Flicka." The upcoming Yellowstone" prequel series "1883," which he will co-star in with his real wife Faith Hill, will provide him with his first major recurring television role.

Viewers of the popular western TV show "Yellowstone" might therefore be curious about McGraw's perception of his boss Taylor Sheridan, who created both "Yellowstone" and "1883" (per IMDb) for Paramount. Sheridan has also directed multiple episodes of "Yellowstone," written 34 of the show's outings, and acted in seven episodes as Travis Wheatley. Interestingly enough, a recent interview with McGraw has confirmed everything we've always suspected about Sheridan's on-set behavior. 

According to McGraw, Sheridan is very detail orientated

Per an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tim McGraw calls Taylor Sheridan a "stickler for authenticity." McGraw described Sheridan coming up to him one day on the set and saying, "[y]ou know, a cowboy wouldn't have his feet in that position or wouldn't have his hands in that position." The actor added that Sheridan was "just trying to make [McGraw] look good" and make sure he looked like an experienced cowboy while riding on horseback. 

McGraw admitted that when he arrives on set to shoot the show, he walks around trying to grasp his character's mindset and feelings for his family. "I really try and spend a lot of time doing that and try to get inside Taylor's head a little bit [in terms of] what he felt when he was writing it," McGraw said.

"1883" isn't McGraw's first time performing in the "Yellowstone" universe; the musician-actor guest-starred as James Dillard Dutton in the Season 4 premiere, "Half the Money" (per IMDb).