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Wolf Like Me - What We Know So Far

Look alive romantic comedy fans — a new mini-series from Stan, PeacockTV, and NBCUniversal is on the horizon. Starring Josh Gad and Isla Fisher, "Wolf Like Me" promises a new take on the funny, often sappy genre that we know as romantic comedy. Though not very much is known about the upcoming series, it does have a compelling cast and premise. Furthermore, the series is being written and directed by three-time AACTA (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts) award nominee Abe Forsythe (via MediaWeek). As the final bit of icing on the cake, the series is also set to debut quite soon.

Until then, however, "Wolf Like Me" will more than likely remain shrouded in a fair bit of mystery. Nevertheless, the series does call for a closer look, especially from those who enjoy a decent delve into stories filled with romantic drama. With that in mind, here is what we know so far about the release date, cast, and plot of "Wolf Like Me."

What is the release date for Wolf Like Me?

"Wolf Like Me" has almost certainly been in the oven for a fair bit of time. How do we know? Well, despite the fact that the show hadn't been announced until very recently, it is still slated to come out incredibly soon. According to People Magazine, Peacock plans on releasing all six, half-hour episodes of "Wolf Like Me" on January 13, 2022. With such a close release date, there is simply no way that NBCUniversal, Stan, and PeacockTV haven't been hammering away at it behind the scenes, getting ready for the big debut.

Regardless of when the series was made, however, viewers will be able to check out "Wolf Like Me" shortly after the turn of the new year. In America and elsewhere, people will be able to catch it through PeackockTV. Across the pond in Australia, however, interested viewers will have to watch it through the Australian streaming service, Stan.

Who is in the cast of Wolf Like Me?

Being a romantic comedy, you can bet that "Wolf Like Me" will primarily focus on one couple. In other words, there are two stars for this upcoming miniseries, and there's a good chance you're familiar with at least one of them. The first is Australian actress Isla Fisher, known for her role as Rebel Alley in "Arrested Development," as well as her appearances in films like "The Wedding Crashers," "Now You See Me," and the 2013 "Great Gadsby" movie (via IMDb), to name a few. In "Wolf Like Me," Fisher plays the role of Mary.

On the opposite side of the fence, playing Mary's rhyming love interest, Gary, is none other than Josh Gad. Gad is mostly famous for his voicework, being the actor behind Olaf the snowman in Dreamworks' "Frozen" films. However, he has also appeared in live actions films such as the Adam Sandler movie, "Pixels," and he was LeFou (the sidekick of Gaston) the live action remake of "Beauty and the Beast." 

Of the two main characters, Gary is doubtlessly the one we know the most about at this time of writing. After all, he seems to be most directly-inspired by Forsythe's time as a middle-aged single father.

What is the plot of Wolf Like Me?

It's fair to say that "Wolf Like Me" is shaping up to be a slightly different kind of romantic comedy, to say the least. Though almost every rom-com gets into the baggage one or both people in the relationship carries, both Gary and Mary have their own unique issues that set them apart. Gary, for instance, is both a single father and a widower, and has to worry about supporting his daughter while also managing his relationship with Mary.

Meanwhile, Mary has some major secret — one that she can't tell anyone. For now, this includes the audience. It's unknown how Mary's big secret is set to affect her relationship with Gary, or what the nature of her secret may be, but it's presumed that it will shake up their romance, and it probably is the reason for the show's mysterious title. Regardless of the two's baggage, however, the show's synopsis maintains that "the universe brought these two together for a reason." So, whether they work out as an item or not, there does seem to be something to be learned from "Wolf Like Me." What exactly that lesson is, however, will be revealed when "Wolf Like Me" releases in January.