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The Venture Bros. Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

One of the most fascinating things about the zodiac is the way that it creates broad but recognizable archetypes for personality classification. It's valuable as a tool for self-reflection that takes into account one's relationship with the stars. The archetypes are vague enough for many to fit into, but specific enough to differentiate in fascinating ways. 

That's especially true when experts study how one sign might relate to another, in terms of friendship, romance, business, etc. The roles assigned to these archetypes, like those of the warrior, the dreamer, and the leader, are all distinct, yet an individual might find evidence of these qualities in many signs. That said, some people tend to embody the traits associated with their signs more than others. 

Speaking of broad character types, the Adult Swim show "The Venture Bros." is jam-packed with larger-than-life characters. While some may have started out as parodies, they each took on a rich life of their own over the lifetime of the series. For example, brothers Dean and Hank Venture went from being obvious Jonny Quest archetypes into something far stranger. 

In a series filled with deeply flawed and frequently lonely characters, exploring their place in the zodiac could yield some interesting comparisons. They might not be the most flattering of comparisons, but at least they won't be boring! Let's see what character from "The Venture Bros." you are based on your zodiac sign. 

Bold Brock Samson is an Aries

Aries (March 21 – April 19) is the first sign of the zodiac and one of its boldest. Dubbed "the Warrior," Aries are full of passion and life, and they tend to take the most direct path through their problems. According to Co-Star Astrology, they are sometimes restless and need competition and action to be happy. Their ruler is the planet Mars, which is also the name of the Roman god of war. Those born under the sign of Aries don't mind a fight, and while they don't necessarily like to start conflicts, they will certainly finish them. 

Office of Special Intelligence agent and former Venture family bodyguard Brock Samson is the model of an Aries. A former college football player, he is kicked out of school after he accidentally kills the team's starting quarterback. However, the O.S.I. knows a good killing machine when they see one and immediately recruit him. 

Brock is no mere thug, however. Like a good Aries, he has a sharply defined code of honor and will do anything to defend it. He's intensely loyal to the Ventures, especially Hank and Dean. He does eventually get bored being their bodyguard, which is why he goes back into the field. Like any good Aries, Brock needs action!

Pleasure-seeking Rusty Venture is a Taurus

Taurus, the bull (April 20 – May 20), is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. As such, Tauruses tend to be fun-seekers and value physical pleasures, leading them to be known as "the Sensualist." They prefer a life of luxury and pampering. While they are often successful in business, they tend to value their own opinions and ways of doing things and often ignore the advice and input of others. This can lead to stubbornness for its own sake, making them difficult to deal with. A motivated Taurus will always get the job done, however, as their desire for comfort and stability, as noted by Co-Star Astrology, can make them focus on being practical.

Dr. Rusty Venture was raised as a child for a life of adventure. However, he never really liked being a boy adventurer and preferred staying at home. Becoming a super-scientist means he can putter around his lab on the Venture compound, happily living off his father's money and legacy. Rusty likes the comfort of his super-scientist "speed suit" and rarely wears anything else. A romantic at heart, but terrible at romance, he wishes only for luxury, good food, and a general good time. When Rusty inherits his brother's fortune, he never wastes a chance to live it up. It even inspires him to get work done, even if he often borrows others' ideas. 

Chatty Hank Venture is a Gemini

Chatty Gemini (May 21 – June 20) is ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger of the gods. That's why this extroverted sign is known as "the Communicator," as they love talking to anyone and everyone, and they have a highly-developed sense of self-confidence as a result. They are enthusiastic, quick-witted, and highly adaptable to any circumstance. They love entertaining and performing, but they don't always follow through on the many projects they have going on at once. In other words — they can occasionally be flaky. 

Hank Venture is the more gregarious of the two Venture brothers. He loves being a Venture and enjoys the adventures and fast-paced lifestyle. He is always quickest to put up his fingers for a "Go Team Venture!" salute. While not especially socially adept due to his upbringing, that never stops him from being friendly and talkative. He is always cooking up some scheme, like selling stuff through his HankCo. company, forming a rock band with his half-brother Dermott, or romancing Sirena, the daughter of his father's new arch-enemy, Wide Wale. Most of all, he wants to be an amazing special operative like his idol, Brock Samson. Hank always has more self-confidence than brains, but it's gotten him pretty far in life. 

Protective Sergeant Hatred is a Cancer

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) is ruled by the moon, making it the most emotional member of the zodiac. It's referred to as "the Nurturer," and Cancers are caring, sensitive, and protective to the point of being self-sacrificing. Family and home are the most important things for them. While fully in touch with their emotions, this can also make them prone to foul moods. Their deep caring for others can sometimes turn to resentment if they aren't appreciated, and they never forget slights. Sometimes, their desire for comfort can put them in ruts. 

While he is a rather bizarre character in the early seasons of "The Venture Bros.," it is clear that former Venture foe Sergeant Hatred is a Cancer all the way. A once-dangerous supervillain with a disturbing fondness for boys, he is rehabilitated by the O.S.I. and made the Venture family's new bodyguard. Hatred takes to his new role with great fervor, even winning over Hank and Dean, whom he had kidnapped more than once in his villain days. 

Unlike Brock Samson, who is too cool to engage in all of the Venture corniness, Sergeant Hatred loves wearing a Venture uniform and makes the family's security his daily obsession. He always worries about measuring up to Brock and is a worrier in general. In many ways, he is a much more caring parent to the boys than Dr. Venture himself, even if the boys don't need him hovering over their lives. 

The flamboyant Monarch is a Leo

Leo (July 23 – August 22) is ruled by the bright, fiery sun. There is nothing subtle about them. Known as "the Creative," Leos excel in the performing arts but love attention in general. They can be self-centered and vain, but they also love to have a lot of people around them and are generous with time and attention in their creative endeavors. They are extravagant and confident, making them fun to be around, but their energy is often best taken in small doses. 

Co-Star Astrology describes Leos as having a "really big personality," and there was no one more over-the-top in "The Venture Bros." than the Monarch. The arch-enemy (and possible half-brother) of Dr. Rusty Venture, he made it his entire mission to destroy Rusty. Raised by monarch butterflies after being orphaned in a plane crash, this super-villain themes all of his shenanigans around butterflies, including his armor, weapons, and even his flying cocoon fortress. 

Despite his ego, the love of his wife and his best friend is important to him, and he gives them essential roles in his life. From his eyebrows to his bright yellow costume, the Monarch stands out from even the other super-villains. Throw in his overly-dramatic voice and proclamations, and it's easy to see how he roars like a Leo. 

Perfectionist Dr. Girlfriend is a Virgo

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) is called both "the Healer" and "the Analyst" because this Earth sign is an expert at communication. Virgos love planning and are all about the details. They're especially adept at figuring out how to solve the problems of others, analyzing mistakes, and correcting them for optimum outcomes. Sometimes this makes them seem judgmental, because they rarely ever admit to being wrong. Of course, they don't judge others to make them feel bad, they judge them so that they can do better. They always want the people in their lives to improve, and they will do anything to help. Occasionally, Virgos feel lost if they don't have a big project in front of them. 

In the Venture world, it's not a coincidence that one of the few female characters, Dr. Girlfriend (later Dr. Mrs. The Monarch), is a Virgo. This highly intelligent and organized go-getter is a perfect partner for the blustery Monarch because she can spend time on the detail work that he often ignores when concocting his grand plans. Dr. Girlfriend helps him with his obsession with Dr. Venture while ensuring that his organization is well-run. Later, when offered a seat on the Council of 13 for the Guild of Calamitous Intent, she immediately excels in this role. Getting difficult people to succeed is what she does best!

Diplomatic Dean Venture is a Libra

Libra (September 23 – October 22) is both "the Lover" and "the Diplomat," as another sign ruled by Venus. With their symbol being the scales, Libras are all about keeping the balance and avoiding conflict. For them, "lover" doesn't necessarily mean romance, as it can also mean having a lot of meaningful relationships and friendships in their life as they make connections. Their diplomatic nature can make them indecisive, while their strong emotions can sometimes make them moody. They're happy to help others resolve their conflicts.

Dean Venture is a typical Libra. The more introverted of the Venture brothers, Dean grows less interested in adventuring as he gets older. He has trouble deciding what he wants to do with his life, especially with his brother begging him to go on adventures and his father trying to push him into super-science. It takes Dean a long time to stop going along with everyone else, though that is his nature. 

When the girl he thinks was his girlfriend dumps and he learns he is a clone, he goes into a deeply emo phase for a while. When he goes to college, he develops a close friendship with his roommate, the Brown Widow. However, his surprising capacity for romance lands him in hot water when he has an affair with Hank's girlfriend Sirena. 

Mysterious Dr. Henry Killinger is a Scorpio

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22) is the most enigmatic member of the zodiac. It's "the Alchemist," which is ruled by the underworld god (and the former planet) Pluto. Scorpios are intense, charismatic, and mysterious. It can be challenging to understand their motives, especially since they like to keep secrets and hidden knowledge. That said, they are also determined and ambitious, and having a Scorpio on your side is valuable when you're going through deep changes in your life. Their comfort with darkness allows them to explore some uncomfortable areas in themselves and others. 

Dr. Henry Killinger, the enigmatic cross between Mary Poppins and Henry Kissinger, is an unknowable being who excels in bringing out the best in his subjects. He is close to turning Dr. Rusty Venture into a wealthy success, but Rusty ultimately refuses to become a super-villain to achieve this. On the other hand, he helps repair the relationship of the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend, and he has a strong hand in putting together the new Council of Thirteen and putting a stop to his murderous brethren, the Investors. 

Alternately sweet and nurturing with imposing and wrathful, it is impossible to discern his motives for doing any of this. All that is for sure is that he wields enormous power. Even Dr. Orpheus is terrified of him when he tries to read his mind. 

Truth-seeking mystic the Alchemist is a Sagittarius

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) is known as "the Philosopher." Cheerful and upbeat, Sagittarians are blunt, sarcastic, and incisive. While they are thoughtful and caring, their advice may well come wrapped in a barb. They're seekers of truth and knowledge, but they don't confine themselves to the ivory tower. They love talking to all kinds of people and have never met a stranger. They're often the life of the party because of their affability. Sometimes they can get a little emotional and maudlin, but their natural curiosity and sense of engagement often bring them out of it. 

The man known as The Alchemist is far from mysterious, despite his mystical expertise that earned him a place in the Order of the Triad. Al, as is sometimes called, is funny, sarcastic, and loves engaging with anyone. He's the master of the pep talk, even though he will likely talk trash about you later. He has a way of deflating big egos and often found a way to bring the bombastic Dr. Orpheus down to Earth. The Alchemist is despondent when he finds out his boyfriend, Shoreleave, is cheating from some suspicious posts on MySpace, but he later gets back together with him. 

Stubborn leader Colonel Hunter Gathers is a Capricorn

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) is the stubborn goat of the zodiac. Known as "the Leader," Capricorns like to be in charge not because of their egos but because their sense of responsibility, duty, and clear-headedness dictates that they should lead. A Capricorn is a responsible and meticulous planner who sometimes pushes aside emotions when they get in the way of the bottom line. They work hard and like being part of a team. For a Capricorn, the mission is everything.

Colonel Hunter Gathers, Brock Samson's mentor, proves time and again that he's a stubborn goat of a Capricorn. Modeled after the late gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, Gathers' raspy voice and steely resolve are his trademarks in the war against super-villains who don't play by the rules. Despite being a killer, he lives by a code and teaches it to Brock — never kill women or children. 

Gathers would do anything to get the mission done. Over the course of "The Venture Bros.," this includes undergoing gender-reassignment surgery to infiltrate a ring of assassins, starting his own covert ops team after he realized the O.S.I. is corrupt, and then taking back leadership when the time was right. Prone to righteous rants, Gathers commands respect and always has a plan.

Quirky mystic Dr. Orpheus is an Aquarius

Perhaps the weirdest sign in the zodiac is Aquarius (January 20 – February 18). Known as "the Humanitarian," Aquarians have noble and lofty goals that often go beyond helping any one person in particular. Aquarians are comfortable with and even play up their own eccentricities, as their vision for how things should be often is completely different from societal norms. They are forward-thinking visionaries who relish their own personal freedom, and they value deep thinking and complex ideas. 

The Aquarius in "The Venture Bros." universe is none other than Dr. Byron Orpheus. Every utterance of his was dramatic, esoteric, and bizarre. A skilled necromancer, Dr. Orpheus rents part of the Venture compound after his divorce. Even a note to his daughter about snacks left for her in the fridge sounds pompous and grandiose, filled with an air of mystery. While he's over the top and weird all the time, he values his role as a protector of humanity and seeker of knowledge. He often seeks advice from his master in another realm, who usually has to deflate a bit of Orpheus' pomposity to help him see simple solutions. 

Henchman 21 dreams big like a Pisces

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) is the last sign of the zodiac and has features seen in many of the other symbols. Known as "the Dreamer," Pisces are highly adaptable and work well with a lot of different kinds of people. Sometimes, their vast imaginations lead them to daydreaming or sheer escapism, but when they can focus, they can achieve nearly anything. They are romantics to the core and believe that life is an adventure. They are giving, friendly, and sensitive. They are trustworthy and loyal friends, offering both youthful enthusiasm and wisdom beyond their years. 

Gary, at first simply known as Henchman 21, is an archetypical Pisces. The loyal servant of the Monarch, their relationship goes beyond a simple villain/henchman dynamic and blossoms into a deep friendship. Henchman 21 is shaken by the death of his best friend, Henchman 24, but he goes beyond their daydreams of being big-time villains and actually becomes a deadly assassin. At the same time, he never abandons his goal of making it big with the Monarch, and it's a dream that he is ultimately able to achieve.