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The First Image Of Chris Hemsworth As Tyler Rake In Extraction 2 Looks Totally Epic

Before "Red Notice" began busting records on Netflix, there was a time when unstoppable henchman dispatcher Tyler Rake put a severe dent in the streamer's viewing numbers with "Extraction." Still ranked as the service's third most-watched movie ever (via Top 10), the hype was understandably real for Chris Hemsworth's latest action hero. Part bodyguard, part wrecking ball, Rake may not have had a legendary hammer at his disposal, but he made good use of any loaded gun he could get his paws on. "Extraction" was a film that felt like one intense chase scene and it ended on somewhat of a blurry cliffhanger that left fans begging for a sequel. 

Now the first fresh glimpse of it has arrived online, showing just what kind of territory Rake will be clearing up when the bad guys come after him in "Extraction 2." Directed once again by former stuntman Sam Hargrave in the follow-up to his first impressive feature-length effort behind the camera, "Extraction 2" will also see Joe Russo return to pen the action-packed script.

Rake looks cool in the new Extraction 2 still

Following Hemsworth's recent post on Instagram from the set of the sequel, the new shot from Netflix (via Twitter) shows his steely-eyed hero riding the rails in Czechia, utterly unphased by the freezing weather or the fact that most people sit inside a train. Whether Rake is heading into action or recently escaping it (notice the cuts on his face), the one thing we do know is that our hero is still alive. For now, at least.

It's an exciting change of terrain for Rake, who is swapping the intense heat for Bangladesh for a far chillier climate. Things weren't always planned that way, though, as initially filming was set to take place in Hemsworth's homeland of Australia until the pandemic forced the production to change locations (via Variety). Of course, considering Rake's previous exploits, switching things up on the fly is nothing new for him. We'll have to wait until "Extraction 2" eventually hits Netflix to see see how he handles his next mission.