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Chris Pine Bashes Avengers: Infinity War

Chris Pine isn't pining for future Marvel movies. 

In an interview with Screen Slam during a press junket for Wonder Woman, Pine spoke about director Patty Jenkins' filmmaking approach. He noted her ability to introduce humanity and empathy into a blockbuster flick, something that isn't seen in modern superhero movies, as studios generally focus on over-the-top action sequences and gratuitous violence. It was then that Pine revealed he has an issue with the title of Marvel's upcoming movie Avengers: Infinity War.

"Within this genre, it's difficult to do something new, and usually you just see a bunch of people killing one another in the outfits and blowing up cities," said Pine. "I know there's a thing called Infinity War coming out, which is like... really? Like, Infinity War? We need more war for all time?" 

While Pine's remarks weren't by any means an attack on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they were definitely a dig. And it's difficult to fault Pine for taking a shot at the film's name, since Infinity War is kind of a silly title (even if the "infinity" refers to the highly sought-after Infinity Stones). 

However, it is pretty ironic hearing a DC Extended Universe actor bash the MCU for being too bleak. After all, the DCEU has established a notorious reputation for its dark, gritty movies that were rumored to be shot under a "no jokes on set" policy. But Pine has a legitimate leg to stand on in the conversation, as Wonder Woman is super sunny and optimistic—a big change for the grim DC movie world. It breaks the standard by following "a woman who's about love and compassion" and teaches that "love trumps all," something Pine notes as a "pretty crazy awesome thing." 

In any case, Pine's comments seem to have stoked the flames of the long-standing DC versus Marvel rivalry, one that likely won't die down any time soon.

Wonder Woman is out in theaters now. Fans can expect Avengers: Infinity War on May 4, 2018.