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Chicago Fire Showrunner Teases A Dramatic Fall Finale

The arrival of December means one thing for drama fans — it's time for their favorite show's fall finale, which guarantees heaps of drama and tons of cliffhangers before the holiday season ushers in its slate of specials.

So it is for "Chicago Fire" fans — the show's mid-season finale will air on December 8 and center Lt. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney). Severide will face a bunch of workplace drama in the wake of Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) leaving the squad back in October to move to Oregon (and so Jesse Spencer could leave the program as well). Severide will also deal with some relationship issues that leave some doubt about the future health of his engagement to Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo).

Derek Haas, co-showrunner on "Chicago Fire," has provided TVLine with a preview of how the last "Chicago Fire" episode of 2021 will go — and it sounds like a scorcher of an experience.

Severide deals with relationship and workplace drama

On the job front, it seems Deputy District Chief Boden will announce a replacement for Casey's position — he wants to speak to Stella about taking it on, but her lack of availability causes his eyes to rove. Among the candidates he considers is a new face to the firehouse, Pelham (Brett Dalton).  "Boden needs to fill this spot and doesn't like instability and is really concerned that Stella hasn't come to claim it," said Haas.

Stella has been in Boston ever since Episode 4 of this season, "The Right Thing."  But now she's ignoring all of Severide's messages and calls. "He's kind of just put out because Stella has never really gone dark on him," Haas explained. He is completely confused by her lack of reaction to everything from family matters to workplace drama, which is very unlike her.

Don't worry about the show sacrificing its usual focus on wild accident-based drama amid all of this emotional tumult. Haas promises yet another Christmas where "holiday related ideas turn into disasters." Per TVLine, there will be an ambulance ride that will be, to quote Haas "a mouthful," and a giant tree will collapse. That's quite a lot of dramatic teasers.

Elsewhere on the show, Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith) and Blake Gallo's (Alberto Rosende) microbrewery might get some positive local attention at WinterFest, but Blake first must battle his burgeoning feelings for Violet, which are getting hard for him to hide. Things get complicated when Blake realizes he's been having an affair with Kara, an associate with WinterFest who may scrap their brand from the festival.

Just another impactful mid-series finale in the "One Chicago" franchise.