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The Major Prop Robert Downey, Jr. Took From The Set Of Avengers

Of all the actors who've come and gone over the MCU's decade-plus-and-counting of world cinematic domination, few arguably made out quite as well as Robert Downey Jr. That's more than fitting as his lauded first time as Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) essentially birthed the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2008. Still, while many of his Avengers pals made their way into the Marvel realm on the wings of well-established big-screen careers, RDJ came in as a veritable reclamation project, having to claw and fight for his right to play Iron Man.

These days, it's pretty much impossible to imagine another actor in that role, and it's just as difficult to imagine the MCU existing as it does without RDJ's immeasurable contributions. So just as Downey Jr's "Iron Man" gave life to the MCU as we know it, so, too, did the MCU give a second life to the actor's career, making the 11 years he spent in the iron suit a win-win for everyone involved. But it seems Downey came out way more ahead in the game than we thought because, on top of all the money, fame, and accolades he earned playing Iron Man, he also scored a major prop from 2011's "The Avengers" that fittingly once adorned Stark Tower.  

RDJ was gifted the 'A' from Avengers Tower after jokingly asking for it

What priceless artifact did Robert Downey Jr. take home from the MCU's epic superhero crossover flick? Nothing less than the 30\-foot-tall 'A' that clung to Stark Tower at the end of it. As fans of "The Avengers" recall, that  "A" was the only thing left of the STARK logo after the Battle of New York decimated the building. And as it was, said "A" essentially became the first true symbol of the titular super-team, so its place in Marvel lore is lofty, to say the least.

Regarding just how Downey came to possess the coveted item, the actor told BBC Radio in a 2014 interview that his ownership basically began as a joke. "On the last Avengers, there's this scene where there's this 'A' which is probably 30 feet tall, and I'm looking at it, and we're shooting in England, and I go, 'I need that in my office in Venice.'" To his amazement, Downey went on to claim someone on set took him at his word and ensured the 'A' was actually delivered to his California office. "About two weeks ago, a wheeler showed up, I'm like, 'What the heck is this doing here?' And they go, 'This is the 'A' you asked for.' And I go, 'They brought it?' So now we have a massive Avengers 'A' that will be prominently placed," he said.

And just like that, we're officially dying to visit RDJ's offices to see where he's got that big ole 'A' displayed.