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What Yellowstone Fans Really Think Of The New Y: 1883 Trailer

It's a big frontier out there, and Taylor Sheridan seems dedicated to exploring every aspect of it. The man responsible for some of the best neo-Westerns of the last decade, including "Hell or High Water" and "Wind River," has brought his violent sensibilities to the small screen, too. It's resulted in one of the biggest shows on the air right now — "Yellowstone" — and soon, fans will be able to see the story before John Dutton had his ranch with "Y: 1883." 

As the title suggests, the timeline goes back to the wild, wild west when vast swaths of the United States still needed to be explored. The series will go straight to Paramount Plus, which has just released the first trailer for the show. As expected, there's plenty of blood and adventure to be found in the two-minute preview, and that's exactly what audiences have come to expect out of the franchise. 

The response to the Y: 1883 trailer is overwhelmingly positive

"Yellowstone" follows the Dutton family ranch, as the family attempts to protect their property from forces that want that land for their own gain. From what we can tell, "Y: 1883" will show how that land fell into the Dutton family in the first place, seeing how Tim McGraw plays a character by the name of James Dutton. It's bound to be ideal entertainment for fans of traditional Westerns, and while we haven't seen a ton of footage so far, there's enough to get the "Yellowstone" audience jazzed about the prospect of watching another generation of Duttons get into trouble with the law. 

After the official "Y: 1883" Twitter account posted the trailer, fans quickly offered their thoughts on the footage. The general consensus is that the trailer's everything fans could want out of a prequel series, with people chiming in with comments like "Hell yeah! Definitely going to watch this!" and "this looks PHENOMENAL. [I] can't freaking wait." 

At this point in time, people have learned to trust the work of Taylor Sheridan, as @barelymental writes, "Can't wait!! Taylor Sheridan is killing it!!!!" The only thing that'd be better than the trailer is an actual episode, and fortunately, the show premieres on Paramount Plus on December 19.