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Tim Mcgraw's Behind-The-Scenes Look At Yellowstone 1883 Has Fans Excited

Paramount's star-studded modern day Western "Yellowstone" has such a unique vibe that the only way it could be matched is a spinoff show set in the show's universe. Though the original show, which stars the legendary Kevin Costner as ranching patriarch John Dutton, might seem like a hard act to follow, the upcoming prequel "Y: 1883" seems determined to do precisely that. 

The show takes the story to the early days of the Dutton family's arrival in Montana. Country music superstars and real-life couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw portray John's forebears, Margaret and James Dutton, and Isabel May has been cast as their daughter, Elsa. Some of the more famous actors portraying non-Dutton characters include cowboy portrayal expert Sam Elliot, and Billy Bob Thornton — whose role as Marshal Courtright might indicate that he'll be at odds with the Duttons at some point. 

It'll still be a while until "Y:1883" premieres, but the production is already well underway — and McGraw just posted an exciting behind-the-scenes look that has "Y: 1883" fans excited.

Tim McGraw's Instagram post provides a sneaky look at the show's set

Tim McGraw's recent Instagram post offers a small, yet exciting sneak peek at the kind of environment you can expect to see the "Y: 1883" characters in. The focus of the shot is on McGraw's personalized folding chair, and McGraw's accompanying text merely says: "Hanging out in #1883." However, the really interesting stuff happens right behind the chair, as you can see an old-style makeshift camp on the background — much like you'd imagine a caravan of Old West pioneers to set up when they're not traveling. 

The reactions from fans and McGraw's colleagues have been ecstatic, and even the Instagram account of the parent show "Yellowstone" dropped by to leave a fire emoji in the comments. "Can't wait," wrote "Yellowstone" actor Jefferson White. "So excited for this," Instagram user rstark844 wrote, complete with a series of clapping emojis. 

Though McGraw's post is no doubt just one of the many sneak peeks to the world of "Y: 1883" that are yet to come, it has certainly been enough to make fans excited.