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Alec Baldwin Makes A Bold Claim About His Future In Hollywood

October 21, 2021, will forever stand as one of the darkest days in Hollywood history. What started out as just another day of filming on the set of director Joel Souza's Western "Rust" quickly turned tragic thanks to a prop firearm that everyone thought contained only blank rounds. In reality, it didn't, and when fired, it launched projectiles that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured Souza, sending the film and one of its lead actors — Alec Baldwin — into a media maelstrom that has yet to die down.

Just over a month since the "Rust" incident took place, investigators have looked at this case from multiple angles. Other crew members have offered up their perspectives, whether or not the firearm misfired has been called into question, and one burning question continues to plague this entire situation. Regardless of the findings, though, this was undoubtedly a traumatizing moment for all either directly involved or connected to it in some form or fashion. This holds especially true for Baldwin, who remains at the forefront of it all.

In fact, due to this tragedy and the investigation that has ensued, Alec Baldwin has made a bold claim about his future in the film industry.

Baldwin may leave acting on his own terms

On December 2, 2021, Alec Baldwin spoke to ABC's George Stephanopoulos to address the "Rust" incident, explain from his perspective what went on that day, and clear the air about the minutiae of the situation. In doing so, he also touched on his personal feelings in the aftermath, revealing that "I go through my day, and I make it through the day. Then I collapse at the end of the day. Emotionally, I collapse." Baldwin also notes that he has had constant dreams about the day the shooting occurred.

Branching off of that, Baldwin addressed his status as an actor and how he plans to move forward in Hollywood. He claims that what happened on the "Rust" set could very well contribute to the end of his acting tenure, though he doesn't plan for it to dictate his departure. He refuses to be blacklisted because of the incident, and if he chooses to leave the entertainment world behind, he'll do so on his own terms. "I couldn't give a s*** about my career anymore," he said, adding he couldn't possibly work on a film that uses guns ever again.

Time will tell if the "Rust" incident will ultimately put Alec Baldwin's lengthy career to bed, but if it doesn't, surely his experience working on film sets from here on out will never be the same.