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Why Shooting Money Heist Made Ursula Corbero Cry For A Month

The Netflix show "Money Heist," which is due to air its final five episodes this month, has enjoyed a lot of acclaim during its run. Overall, "Money Heist" has garnered a 93% so far on Rotten Tomatoes. The show is also a big hit with audiences, and it has been viewed by more than 65 million Netflix subscribers worldwide since its premiere on Netflix (per The Washington Post). Needless to say, it's been a big deal for Netflix, especially considering the show's spoken language is entirely in Spanish.

Like any show that's coming to an end, however, "Money Heist"'s cast is likely to have an emotional response to finishing up work on a project they've had multiple years invested in. "Money Heist" star Úrsula Corberó. who portrays Silene Oliveira/Tokyo, is no exception to this. In fact, during a recent press event, Corberó revealed that shooting the final parts of "Money Heist" made her cry for nearly a month straight.

Ursula Corbero was emotional over getting to tell Tokyo's backstory

Per TVLine, Úrsula Corberó revealed to journalists that she cried for three or four weeks during and after filming for the final episodes of "Money Heist" took place. "I experienced so many emotions: nostalgia, sadness, anger," she said. "When we shot in Lisbon, I felt melancholy because we were finally telling Tokyo's backstory. But Tokyo also taught me how to live more fully because she risked her life to feel alive."

It's not unusual for actors to become attached to their characters and the roles they inhabit, and it sounds as if Corberó's time as Tokyo was particularly moving for the actress. To take such a strong lesson from the role, as well, is a testament to the show's storytelling and its acclaim and popularity from critics and fans during its run.

The final five episodes of "Money Heist" premiere on December 3, 2021, on Netflix.