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This Succession Star Just Replaced Elisabeth Moss In Horror Thriller Run Rabbit Run

Elisabeth Moss is no stranger to horror. She recently starred in Jordan Peele's "Us" playing a housewife and her violent 'tethered' doppelganger, before delivering an intense performance in 2019's "The Invisible Man." Critics raved about Moss' work in the Leigh Whannell-directed horror flick, and rightfully so. Breakfast All Day's Christy Lemire says "[Elisabeth Moss is] amazing and she does so much just with her eyes. It's a really demanding role physically [and] emotionally; it's a huge range she has to play."

The actress was originally supposed to lead the Australian horror-thriller, "Run Rabbit Run," directed by Daina Reid. It isn't surprising that Moss was the first choice for Reid's film, since the director previously worked on "The Handmaid's Tale" — which Elisabeth Moss leads as June Osborne. The new movie follows "a fertility doctor who believes firmly in life and death, but after noticing the strange behavior of her young daughter, must challenge her own values and confront a ghost from her past" (via IMDb).

However, Elisabeth Moss has had to step away from the role due to scheduling conflicts — which is a huge shame given her incredible acting talents. Thankfully, "Run Rabbit Run" is still heading into production — and one of the stars from "Succession" is set to replace Moss in the lead role.

Sarah Snook is taking over from Elisabeth Moss in Run Rabbit Run

Sarah Snook aka Shiv Roy in "Succession" has been cast in "Run Rabbit Run," (via Deadline) taking Elisabeth Moss' role as the fertility doctor with concerns about her daughter. The rest of the plot is being kept under wraps, but clearly there'll be some kind of conflict between mother and daughter somewhere in the Daina Reid film. It'll be an interesting dynamic change for Snook's work, since Shiv frequently goes up against her father Logan Roy (Brian Cox) in the critically acclaimed HBO series.

Snook has masterfully played plenty of other intense roles over the years, including in the mind-bending sci-fi thriller "Predestination" — wherein she stars opposite Ethan Hawke. The time-traveling story has action, heart, and tragedy in equal measure — and Sarah Snook carries the film squarely on her shoulders. Or as Nguyen Le put it for The Script Lab, "In a way, Snook is the heart of Predestination ... and by the time the film ends, you'll realize it is a strong and beautiful one."

All this is to say that Sarah Snook can handle genre adventures as well as prestige drama, so "Run Rabbit Run" is definitely one to keep your eye on.