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What League Of Legends Fans Think Netflix's Arcane Got Right About Jinx

Netflix's "Arcane" series has been a massive hit with "League of Legends" fans (not to mention Netflix viewers at large), but there's still been a few bones to pick among video game diehards. 

The show, which is divided into three acts, tries its best to expand the "LoL" universe through the eyes of siblings Jinx (Ella Purnell) and Vi (Hailee Steinfeld), however, some people have complained that the pacing feels off and that there's less appeal for gamers and more for Netflix casuals. "It's sort of like they didn't bother to flesh out some characters nearing the end, who were otherwise very interesting," complained one Redditor on an "Arcane" discussion forum last month.

Despite the feedback, "Arcane" has been holding strong on Rotten Tomatoes with a 100% critics rating and 97% audience score — and there's honestly a lot more that the animated series gets right than wrong, especially when it comes to the character Jinx. Here's what fans have been loving about Netflix's portrayal of her. 

Fans thank Arcane for not romanticizing mental illness

If there's one thing that "League of Legends" fans believe Netflix got down pat with "Arcane," it's the streaming giant's realistic portrayal of Powder aka Jinx, who comes across more as a struggling and fearful young girl rather than a manic, uncontrollable "psycho," as gamers have described her. 

"For so long I have seen so many shows and movies with Jinx's type of characters, the same crazy, lunatic girl who hides a dark secret yada yada etc," explains Redditor u/thesilentwizard in a recent "Arcane" discussion. "But most of the time they just use the mental condition as some sort of a quirky thing that makes the character unique and 'cool.' Except in reality, mental illness is anything but cool...It's a cancer of the mind that's eating people alive...I'm so glad that the show writers understand this and tell Jinx's story for what it is: a traumatic nightmare."

From the very first trailer of "Arcane," fans were led to believe they would be getting "another edgy grimdark" character — as Redditor u/grumpoholic puts it — for the role of Jinx. But that definitely wasn't the case. 

"I genuinely felt sorry for powder," said u/grumpoholic in the "Arcane" discussion. "It was not silco but her guilt that drove her to madness. Somehow when she chose to be Jinx it was very moving for me that she was ready to leave behind all her past mistakes and just embrace her current self, no matter how f*****d up that is."