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Jorja Fox Reveals Her Thoughts On A CSI: Vegas Season 2

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," one of the most popular police procedural dramas, initially aired from 2000 to 2015 and launched three sequels. The show followed the personal and professional lives of a team of crime-scene investigators working in Las Vegas, and longtime viewers fell in love with the complicated relationship between detectives Gil Grissom (William Petersen) and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox). Known collectively as GSR — a clever combination of their initials and a forensics term — their on-again, off-again relationship finally found a happy ending in the series finale. 

However, that wasn't the end for the fan-favorite pairing. The highly-anticipated sequel "CSI: Vegas" sees the power couple taking a break from their boating lifestyle to help their former crime lab uncover a conspiracy that would undo years of hard work and free dangerous criminals as a result. Additionally, their former colleague David Hodges (Wallace Langham) gets implicated in the case, and they want to clear his name.

As the limited series comes to an end, fans are wondering whether or not a second season could happen. Jorja Fox recently revealed her thoughts on Season 2 of "CSI: Vegas."

Jorja Fox is open to another season of CSI: Vegas

Jorja Fox, who is best known for starring in "ER" and "The West Wing," recently spoke with Parade about returning for "CSI: Vegas." The actress admits that she was hesitant to revisit Sara Sidle after saying farewell six years before but couldn't pass up the opportunity and said, "Sara obviously is my favorite character that I've ever played. I would never, ever tire of being Sara."

While "CSI: Vegas" was developed as a limited series, writer Jason Tracey said that it "could become an ongoing series running for multiple seasons" (via Deadline). With the initial 10 episodes nearly over, Parade asked Fox whether or not she would want to sign on for a second season.

Fox explained that the story had "evolved," and there was room for further growth. "Honestly, I think a lot of that's going to be up to the fans and to audiences," she said. "If there's an audience for it, if viewers respond to the show, then I know that Jason Tracey's got a million amazing stories that he can't wait to tell."

"Definitely, the answer is, let's wait and see what evolves," she added.

"CSI: Vegas" airs on CBS on Wednesdays and later on Paramount+.