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The Real Reason Nia Moore Was Kicked Off The Challenge

MTV viewers were shocked by Ashley Mitchell's sudden removal from Season 37 of "The Challenge" in November 2021. Host T.J. Lavin explained that she broke MTV's rules and could no longer compete in "Spies, Lies & Allies." Mitchell, a two-time winner, took to social media to confirm the news and stood by the show's decision to kick her out of the game.

Given her popularity, however, the move was met with backlash, with many fans wondering if Mitchell would return for Season 38. On the show, Lavin does not explain which rules Mitchell has broken, which led fans to speculate about the incident online. Additionally, many have been comparing Mitchell's departure from "The Challenge" to cases of previous contestants who were removed by producers.

While contestants have been kicked off of "The Challenge" for various reasons, the main thing that gets them removed from the show is getting into physical fights with their costars. This happens to be the case for Nia Moore, a contestant who competed in "The Challenge" Season 26, "Battle of the Exes II."

Nia Moore's fight with Jordan Wiseley led to her exit

During her time on "The Challenge: Battles of the Exes II," Nia Moore feuds with costar Jordan Wiseley. Their tumultuous relationship leads to both verbal fights and physical altercations, which results in Moore's removal from the show. MTV News recapped the incident, explaining that she "pulls down Jordan's pants and makes an offensive comment about his masculinity," and later gropes him and calls him a homophobic slur.

Moore addressed being kicked off of the show in a lengthy Instagram post in 2015, explaining that she had given in to the "uglier side" of her emotions. "Yes, we all have said and done things we truly don't mean in the heat of the moment ... But in real life (reality show or not) there are consequences for your actions. I do hold myself accountable," she wrote."I know I was wrong, and my biggest fear is being labeled homophobic," Moore told MTV News, then stating, "I want to extend my apology to anyone I offended, and I sincerely mean that."

Before they competed together on "The Challenge," Moore and Wiseley had a rocky start on "The Real World: Portland." In 2020, the two reunited in an Instagram Live, during which they discussed their past fights and the controversial things that had occurred between them. "We had to go through what we went through to get here," Wiseley said, adding that they were "at peace" and moving forward as friends (via Entertainment Weekly).