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Marvel Zombies - What We Know So Far

Although Disney+ Day didn't deliver all the trailers fans were hoping for, the company did reveal a number of Marvel projects that are in the works for the streaming service. One of the upcoming shows is "Marvel Zombies," which isn't surprising since the undead episode of "What If...?" was a huge hit with fans. Episode 5, "What If... Zombies?!" shows what happens to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Hank Pym returns from the Quantum Realm with a virus that turns the infected into ravenous zombies.

"What if... Zombies?!" gives the series a unique twist on the MCU that vastly changes everything about every single Avenger. Whether it's Zombie Hunter Spider-Man or the undead Scarlet Witch, it's a bold direction for the show. So it isn't surprising that "Marvel Zombies" is getting a bigger spotlight in its own show. But it's not quite clear which version of the zombies we're going to get, since the ones on the series are vastly different from the ones in the original comics.

Here's everything we know about "Marvel Zombies."

What's the Marvel Zombies release date?

So when will "Marvel Zombies" arrive on Disney+? Unfortunately, the streaming service hasn't confirmed when the show will start airing, as the announcement on Twitter only says it's "coming soon." It seems likely that it'll debut in the next year or so, but it depends how far into production Marvel is as to when the undead will rise again. As Disney+ Day didn't reveal a first trailer or any stills from "Marvel Zombies," the team is probably still in the early stages of production.

Just for a little context, "What If...?" was announced in April 2019 — which feels like a lifetime ago thanks to certain ongoing global events — and eventually debuted on August 11, 2021. So it could potentially take another two years for "Marvel Zombies" to munch its way onto Disney+. Hopefully, Marvel Studios is already deep into production and it'll arrive much sooner than that.

Who's in the Marvel Zombies cast?

At the moment, it's also not clear who's going to be in the "Marvel Zombies" cast, and will largely depend on how the studio approaches the project. If it's the alternate version of the MCU seen in the "What If...?" series, then it makes sense that the cast from that episode will reprise their respective roles. Only a few of the heroes survive the events of "What If... Zombies?!" as Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) turns into the Hulk to fight a zombie Scarlet Witch and her army of the dead.

This lets Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Hudson Thames), Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), and T'Challa/Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) escape in the Quinjet, and head to Wakanda. Unfortunately, the episode ends with the reveal that a zombie Thanos has conquered the country and even has the Infinity Gauntlet ... Oh dear. Both Thames and Rudd could come back to fight the zombie horde, but unless Chadwick Boseman recorded any other lines before his tragic death, it's likely that T'Challa wouldn't return.

However, if the series is taking a totally new direction then it's entirely possible that Marvel and Disney will approach new voice actors to work on the project.

What's the plot of Marvel Zombies?

Once again, Marvel and Disney haven't confirmed which direction they're going in with "Marvel Zombies." It would make sense to spin-off the "What If...?" episode, but it's equally possible that this is a completely separate project. Comics fans will instantly recognize that the show's logo is the exact same one used for the "Marvel Zombies" 2005 comic series, which was written by "The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman. The zombie virus quickly spreads when a zombified version of The Sentry (Marvel's answer to Superman) arrives from another dimension and rapidly infects most of the planet's heroes and villains.

The situation only becomes direr when the zombies eat the Silver Surfer, and a select few are imbued with the Power Cosmic, giving them the strength to kill Galactus and absorb his abilities. Yes, it's an incredibly wild series. It'd be very impressive if the animated series manages to pull it off. A brief synopsis from the Marvel website teases what to expect, saying "The animated series from Marvel Studios reimagines the Marvel Universe as a new generation of heroes battle against an ever-spreading zombie scourge."

A new generation of heroes vs. the undead? Sounds good.