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X-23 More Likely To Get Her Own Movie Than Be Part Of A Team-Up

You could be seeing Logan's X-23 on the big screen again, and, if you do, she'll likely be at the forefront of the story. Producer Hutch Parker revealed in a recent interview with IGN that there have been discussions about the future of Dafne Keen's character, confirming that while she likely won't appear in a team-up film like New Mutants, it is possible she may get her own movie.

"It's not sort of slipping her into the background of another movie," Parker said of their discussions. "It's looking at that character, which is a great character and has a pretty interesting run within the comics, to find a story that we think she could carry or certainly be kind of majorly significant within." While he cautioned that the studio may have conversations going in a different direction, he says that he and director James Mangold are "kicking around" an idea that would put the character in her own film.

Some had their doubts about bringing back X-23, since it could potentially inhibit the finality of Logan. However, Parker has trust in Mangold, saying that he would only return to the character if he could find a story he feels is worth telling. "He's as passionate and as committed and as invested as you can imagine, and as a result it's its own guarantor if you will as to what an X-23 movie or a Laura movie would be," Parker said. "He will only do it if he finds a story that he thinks is worthy of standing on its own and where the X-23 character and the story being told is one that will compel and excite audiences, not in the same way as Logan because I think it will be different, but that will be successful in its own right, by its own measure, by the assessment of its own qualities and for the audience to embrace as something unique and sort of contained to itself."

We'll probably have to wait a while to learn the definitive future of X-23 on the big screen; for now, read up on the untold truth of the character.