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Logan Director And Star Want An X-23 Standalone Film

There's hardly any doubt that Logan, the final chapter of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, was equal parts epic and engrossing. But it left many fans wondering, especially after that powerful ending, where the franchise would be heading in the coming years and who would be the next teller of the timeless X-Men tale.

In a phone interview with Comicbook.com ahead of Logan's official release, director James Mangold and small-statured starlet Dafne Keen in the film spoke on the fan theory that Laura Kinney, aka X-23, would be picking up where Wolverine left off in her own spinoff film. Without revealing too much of Logan's plot for those who have yet to head to the theater and see it themselves, an X-23 standalone movie is entirely plausible, but the 20th Century Fox studio executives would have to make the final call.

If Fox decides to bring Laura Kinney back to the big screen, Keen is totally keen for it. When asked if she'd be interested in starring in her own solo flick, Keen simply said, "Yes." Sitting beside Keen, Mangold was asked about his thoughts on diving deeper into the strong and spunky young mutant, and if an X-23-only endeavor was something he'd want to see happen. Mangold followed in Keen's footsteps, giving a resounding, "Yes."

Though short answers, they sound pretty sweet for fans wanting more of Laura Kinney in their lives. And given the overwhelming viewer response, with the film topping the U.S. weekend box office with over $85 million in revenue, a reunion of Mangold and Keen for another movie seems likely.

For now, fans can check out Logan in theaters worldwide, or read up on the untold truth of Wolverine and the secrets behind X-23.