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Who Is The Actor Who Plays Violet Mikami On Chicago Fire?

"Chicago Fire" is the first and oldest series in NBC's long running One Chicago universe. Thus far, "Chicago Fire" has aired for more than 200 episodes across 10 seasons (via IMDB), and it's showing no signs of slowing down. Naturally, over the course of so many episodes, the series' cast and crew alike have changed in some significant ways. Midway through Season 10, for example, longtime crew member Andrea Newman was promoted to co-showrunner, marking the first time every series in the One Chicago universe has had a woman at its helm. On the personnel side, Season 10 also notably saw the departure of Matthew Casey actor Jesse Spencer, who left after appearances in a grand total of 200 episodes.

Before Newman's promotion and Spencer's departure, Season 8 marked the introduction of a new character named Violet Mikami. Violet is a paramedic, initially with Firehouse 20, before transferring to Firehouse 51 to work alongside the series' central cast on a more regular basis. Though the actor who portrays Violet has few prior credits to her name, "Chicago Fire" could very well be her big break.

Violet Mikami is portrayed by the up-and-coming Hanako Greensmith

Before she debuted on "Chicago Fire" in January 2020, Violet Mikami actor Hanako Greensmith appeared in single episodes of the TV series "Bull" and "FBI," in addition to lending her voice to the animated short film "Cave XR" (via IMDB). Her appearances in 20 episodes of "Chicago Fire" and one episode of spinoff series "Chicago Med" therefore account for the majority of her on-screen work as an actor.

That said, Greensmith hit a significant milestone on "Chicago Fire" when in June 2021, prior to the premiere of Season 10, she was promoted to a series regular (via Deadline). In essence, Seasons 8 and 9 seemed to function as a trial run, which her promotion earlier this year is evidence of her passing. Though she might not be a familiar face to most viewers outside of "Chicago Fire," then, Greensmith's future looks bright, both on "Chicago Fire," and moving forward to whatever other opportunities a regular role on a major network drama might open up.