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The Ending Of Hawkeye Episode 2 Explained

We were treated to two episodes of "Hawkeye" back to back, with the second just as fresh and entertaining as the first. Episode 2 picks up immediately after Episode 1, as Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) pulls the Ronin mask off of Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) in an alley. The two have just escaped a jump from the Tracksuit Mafia, who sought to kidnap Kate for her heroism during the auction heist.

Clint is keen on getting his suit back from Kate, so they head to her apartment to hide out for a moment. While still in shock that she's with the real Hawkeye, Kate goes and changes and hands the suit over to Clint. Unfortunately, those pesky Tracksuit Mafia members have tracked them down and start throwing Molotov cocktails through her apartment window. The apartment eventually catches fire, causing the duo to abandon the Ronin suit, and now Kate and Clint are on the run.

In this episode, we see these unlikely allies start to form their new bond, to the love of Kate and the hesitance of Clint. We got a better sense of where this series is going in Episode 2 as a looming villain revealed themselves, and the comic relief turned it up a notch.

Clint takes control

Once the Tracksuit Mafia sets Kate's apartment on fire, the duo has to bolt and head somewhere safe. Kate decides to go to her aunt's apartment, who is out of town. She is forced to hide out here by Clint as he heads back to Kate's to retrieve the suit. He finds out one of the firemen stole it, which is just another unnecessary obstacle for Clint to overcome. He comes back to visit Kate and helps her patch up a wound, and we get a peek at how Clint might become a father figure to his new friend.

The following day, Clint has to ditch his kids and sends them off to be with their very understanding mom. He revisits Kate back at their hideout, and then they go their separate ways but not before exchanging phone numbers. Clint thinks this is the last time he'll see Kate and begs her only to call if she has an emergency.

It's now Clint's mission to retrieve the Ronin suit and figure out why the Tracksuit Mafia is stirring up trouble yet again. He travels to a live-action role-play event to find his suit, where he suspects the thieving firefighter will be wearing it. Clint must sign up and participate in the event to get to the firefighter, which turns into one of the best slow-motion bits ever to be seen in the MCU, as Clint (fake) slices and dices some hilarious adversaries. After a duel with the thief, Clint is finally in possession of the Ronin suit again.

What is going on with Jack?

Back at Kate's mom's penthouse, Jack is back doing very Jack things. He continues to fool Kate's mom while not fooling his soon-to-be daughter-in-law, but he also doesn't seem to care. Kate ends up challenging him to a fencing match, where he pretends to be the lesser competitor.

As Kate yells at Jack to stop letting her win, she eventually tricks him into showing off his true talent and uses this as a way to prove he's a liar. Obviously, Jack is a liar, but we're still not sure what his true intentions are. He still is in possession of the Ronin sword, but no one knows that other than us.

After his fencing match with Kate, he offers her butterscotch, which matches those in a bowl at Armand III house from Episode 1. This is enough proof for Kate that Jack killed Armand, but in reality, all it suggests is that Jack has been to his uncle's house before. However, this butterscotch offering is meant to prove to us, as well, that Jack is the killer. Why he killed his uncle remains to be seen.

Clint pulls a classic Natasha in Hawkeye

While Kate is having some family fun, Clint sets himself up to be kidnapped by the Tracksuit Mafia. He tells his wife on the phone that he's doing a catch and release, which Laura (Linda Cardellini) points out is "Classic Nat." After luring the goons to him, Clint is taken to a secret location, where he continues to tell the gangsters he wants to talk to the person in charge.

After realizing Clint's in trouble, Kate comes to help after tracking his location but falls through the roof of the building island causes a mess instead. As Kate and Clint are tied to playground toys by the gang, one of the mafia members goes into a speaker-filled room to get the boss. As the bass in the background booms, we get our first look at Echo (Alaqua Cox), who is feeling the sensation from the subwoofers.

It's the briefest of glimpses as the screen cuts to credits after we see her face, but it promises us an even bigger episode for next week. Echo, who already has her own series coming to Disney+, is a deaf hero who is mainly known for her role in the "Daredevil" comics. The adoptive daughter of Kingpin, Echo's appearance in "Hawkeye" suggests we might be getting a second go-round with Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) from the Netflix "Daredevil" series.

While it looks like Echo is the villain now, we can almost guarantee she won't be. There is either a bigger threat we haven't met, or Jack truly is the big bad.

The biggest takeaway from "Hawkeye" Episode 3? Still no Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh).