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Who Is The Villain In Disney+'s Hawkeye?

"Hawkeye" is one of the latest Disney ventures into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Following the exploits of Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), "Hawkeye" looks to finally give everybody's favorite archer from the Avengers a chance to be center stage. Clint made his first appearance in the MCU in "Thor," and he was instrumental in several moments throughout the "Avengers" series. He was able to rally Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) in "Avengers: Age of Ultron," and the acquisition of the Soul Stone in "Avengers: Endgame" would have been impossible without him.

Armed with a bow and several trick arrows, Barton is a highly trained government operative proficient with many forms of combat, though for all intents and purposes, just a normal human being. This isn't as much as a detriment as one might think, and Clint is able to constantly prove his worth, even if he doesn't prefer most forms of modern firearms. With the release of "Hawkeye" on Disney+, we will finally see what exactly he is capable of, but who or what will be acting as a foil against Clint's Christmas plans?

Who are the villains in Hawkeye?

One of the major plots of "Hawkeye" will address Clint Barton's time as Ronin during "Avengers: Endgame." Enraged at the Thanos' snap that erased his family, Clint engaged in a murderous rampage targeting elements of organized crime. This certainly earned him the ire of several groups, and we will probably see varied dubious organizations converge on Clint and his newly recruited sidekick, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). Considering the stinger at the end of "Black Widow," we know that the next Black Widow (Florence Pugh) has her sights set on Clint for his supposed role in the death of Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), but she isn't the only one with unfinished business.

Another confirmed potential adversary is Jack Duquesne (Tony Dalton). Jack is probably better recognized by his comic book name, Swordsman. In the comics, Swordsman was one of the original teachers of Clint, and as his namesake implies, a master of bladed weaponry like swords and knives. Unfortunately for Clint, Swordsman has somewhat flexible morals, and the two often find themselves on opposite ends of conflicts.

Are there potential surprise villains in Hawkeye?

We could also see Hawkeye come to blows against Echo (Alaqua Cox), whose character was the adoptive daughter of Kingpin (of "Daredevil" fame) in the comics. Echo has already been confirmed to have her own spin-off series in the works at Disney+, and her introduction in "Hawkeye" will probably set up something major with the character.

We will also see a mercenary known as Kazi (Fra Fee), who will probably pursue Clint with a singular purpose. Another potential foe, as speculated by Game Revolution, could be a character named "The Hood," who just recently completed a comic book story arc against Clint. His lackeys are often clad in red, and the trailer for "Hawkeye" does have the pair facing off against enemies in the aforementioned color. In the comics, the Hood attempts to take the place of Kingpin, which would set up the connection with Echo. It may be a long shot, but we may even see the return of Vincent D'Onofrio's return as Kingpin. All-in-all, "Hawkeye" will not be short on obstacles for Clint Barton and Kate Bishop to overcome.