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Is There A New Episode Of The Curse Of Oak Island Tonight? (November 23, 2021)

First airing back in 2014 on History, "The Curse of Oak Island" centers around two brothers from Michigan, Rick and Marty Lagina, as they try to uncover the legendary hidden treasure that is supposed to be buried somewhere on Oak Island, a small island off the shores of Nova Scotia, Canada. For over two centuries, there have been rumors and legends of a treasure being buried somewhere in the island's thick forests, and over that time, a plethora of treasure hunters have tried and failed to obtain it — some even paying the ultimate price in doing so, which is where the curse of the place began. "The Curse of Oak Island" television show follows the Lagina brothers on their exploration, with the siblings having purchased a 50% stake in the company that owns Oak Island in order to look for the treasure. 

Over the show's nine seasons, Rick and Marty make new discoveries on air that bring the search for the treasure closer than ever before, including a possible sunken ship at the bottom of the island's swamp. During the currently airing Season 9, the Lagina brothers are focusing on the "Money Pit" that was originally discovered in the 1700s. So far, they've found gold trails and man-made structures that should be leading them to the Money Pit's original resting ground, but during the show's last episode, originally airing on November 16, 2021, their hunt for the Money Pit is put on hold as discoveries in the swamp possibly lead to government shutdown. Viewers are anxiously waiting to see how the Lagina brothers will handle this problem moving forward, and whether or not it will shut down their operation entirely.

There will be a new episode on November 23, 2021

There will be a new episode of "The Curse of Oak Island" tonight, November 23, airing on History. The episode will also appear on History.com and Peacock soon after. "The Curse of Oak Island" typically airs every Tuesday at 9/8c, and you can expect the new episode at the same time tonight. While some fans likely wondered if the show would be taking a brief break like many others often do around Thanksgiving and the holiday season, the official facebook page for the series confirmed that there would be a new episode this week.

A trailer for the new episode, Season 9, Episode 4, "Spoils Alert," is also currently up on History.com for fans to view. It's 30 seconds long and gives a sneak peak of the swamp issue and how the Lagina brothers are going to deal with it, along with the discovery of some interesting artifacts and more gold flakes leading the team toward the original Money Pit. Make sure to tune in tonight at 9p Eastern on History to see if the Lagina brothers get even closer to uncovering the famous treasure.