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Is There A New FBI Episode On Tonight? (November 23, 2021)

While television giant Dick Wolf is hailed for his work creating the "Law & Order" and "One Chicago" franchises, he continues to maintain a relationship with CBS, as illustrated by the debut of the series "FBI" in 2018. The show, which is co-created by Wolf and Craig Turk, who previously wrote for "Private Practice" and "The Good Wife" (via IMDb), focuses on the New York branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with Missy Peregrym, Connie Nielsen, Alana de la Garza, and "Law & Order" alum Jeremy Sisto anchoring its cast.

The show's success has already spawned two spin-offs, "FBI: Most Wanted" and "FBI: International," the latter of which made its debut this year. The shows began with a three-episode crossover at the beginning of the season before branching off into their respective storylines. The last episode of "FBI" focused on the team finding a young girl who was kidnapped from her daycare by a gang seeking repayment of her mother's debts. 

So, will we get to see the next chapter of the "FBI" story tonight? Here's the scoop.

Will a new episode air on November 23?

There is no new episode of "FBI" tonight. Instead, CBS will be showing a repeat of the 12th episode of Season 3, entitled "Fathers and Sons."

The two spin-off series, "FBI: Most Wanted" and "FBI: International," are also airing reruns this week. "FBI: International" will be re-airing the season's fourth episode, entitled "American Optimism," while "FBI: Most Wanted" will be going back to Season 2 and airing the season's 10th episode, entitled "Spiderwebs."

This brief hiatus is pretty much baked into the "FBI" schedule. The procedural traditionally takes a brief break in late November or early December before returning for an episode or two before taking a midseason hiatus. In the show's first season, the break was only for a week, but in the second season of "FBI," that break went for two weeks and occurred in early December. Despite a delayed start to its third season, which made its debut in November as opposed to September, the show still managed to take a break in the first week of December.

In keeping with this tradition, "FBI" will return with a new episode on December 7. Previous episodes of the show, including those from the current season, can be seen on Paramount+.