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FBI: International - What We Know So Far

Fans of FBI on CBS got some pretty big news recently. Via Deadline, CBS has renewed FBI for a fourth season, and has given the green light to a third season of its spin-off, FBI: Most Wanted. On top of that, Dick Wolf and CBS' creative relationship continues to grow, as the FBI universe will be expanding even more through another spin-off called FBI: International.

The FBI series largely centers on a team from the Federal Bureau of Investigations who use all of their expertise and talents to crack major criminal cases that could endanger the country. The first FBI series started in 2018 and, as Deadline noted, has been a major hit for CBS. The show pulls in 11 million viewers a week and has risen to become broadcast television's number 3 show.

Given the success of FBI and FBI: Most Wanted, it makes sense that CBS would want to expand on the drama and give fans more of what they want: more stories set in the world of FBI. With that, here's everything we know so far about FBI: International.

What's the release date of FBI: International?

There isn't quite a specific date for FBI: International but there is a window. CBS stated that it wants the show to debut sometime between this year and next year. According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS ordered FBI: International for its 2021-2022 broadcast schedule. 

It seems the network wants the spin-off to premiere during FBI and FBI: Most Wanted's next seasons. This is backed up by a statement from CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl, who said that with the new series, the network is aiming to create a "triple-threat" for next season. Deadline noted that CBS wants FBI: International to premiere by crossing over with its elder shows. So whenever the new seasons of FBI and FBI: Most Wanted are in full swing, it's likely FBI: International could see its release.

Who is in the cast for FBI: International?

With the series freshly ordered, a full cast hasn't been revealed yet for FBI: International. What is known so far is that, via The Hollywood Reporter, Dick Wolf, Derek Haas, Rick Eid, Peter Jankowski and Arthur Forney will executive produce the series from Wolf Entertainment and Universal Television. Hass will also serve as showrunner for the spin-off. Hass has been a writer for Dick Wolf's successful group of Chicago shows on NBC, which include Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago P.D.

As far as actors cast in the series, although it's currently unknown who will star in the spin-off, it seems likely the cast of FBI: International will aim to be even more diverse than its elder siblings. After all, the main story of FBI: International will probably see its characters doing some globetrotting to solve cases and this sounds like the show could benefit from characters with backgrounds from a variety of global countries.

This also goes in tune with Dick Wolf's specialty of combing a talented team of characters from different backgrounds and personalities that either complement each other or cause some dramatic clashing while trying to solve cases.

What's the plot of FBI: International?

The central plot of FBI: International doesn't appear to differ too much from FBI or FBI: Most Wanted. The FBI and the cases it takes on will still be the central focus. What the plot is aiming to do, however, is help expand the cases and actions of the FBI while also giving the spotlight to another division. Via TV Series Finale, CBS said that the plot of FBI International basically follows the top agents from the FBI's International Division as they travel the world while trying to protect Americans wherever they may be.

The plot opens the door for the series to explore a multitude of cases in many different countries. What's even more intriguing about FBI: International's plot is that its debut will result in a planned crossover with FBI and FBI: Most Wanted. This could mean that FBI and FBI: Most Wanted's cast is dealt with a case that is beyond their resources or reach and now have to rely on the bureau's International Division. It could serve as a great way to introduce the new spin-off while also expanding upon the central plot from the other two series.