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Lin-Manuel Miranda Had The Perfect Response To Hawkeye's Big Musical Moment

"Hawkeye" is bringing holiday cheer and a quiver full of trick arrows to Disney+ this week, and fans have been scanning the trailers Marvel has dropped in search of clues for what might be in store. Many were quick to notice an amusing Easter egg in the form of an in-universe musical about Captain America that appears in the trailer and will reportedly be called "Rogers: The Musical." Clint Barton going to see a Broadway show about his friends? Now that's just adorable.

From the trailer's brief, one-second peek at the musical, it's clear that the fictional "Rogers" is an homage to "Hamilton," the 2015 Broadway show about the founding of the United States written and anchored by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Lest the reference be lost, the set design, as well as the mis en scene — the arrangement of actors and props onstage — mimic an iconic scene from "Hamilton." 

For his part, Miranda has long broadcast his status as a Marvel fanboy, so he obviously had a pitch-perfect response to his very own MCU homage.

Lin-Manuel Miranda understood that reference

Taking to Twitter, Lin-Manuel Miranda had a predictable, witty response to the "Hawkeye" reference to his groundbreaking musical. The many time Tony Award-winning actor, writer, director, and rapper retweeted the clip of "Rogers" with a simple GIF from 2012's "The Avengers" — the iconic moment when Captain America says, "I understood that reference." Miranda signed his tweet with a simple, "-LMM."

The response is extra sweet because not only does it draw on a moment from the MCU, but from a moment featuring Steve Rogers. You've got to hand it to Miranda for making a joke that works on so many levels with a single well-chosen image, but of course such meta-commentary is likely child's play for the MacArthur Genius

In reply, many Lin-Manuel Miranda fans clamored for him to make the "Rogers" musical a reality in our own branch of the multiverse, with @Parothed19741 demanding, "GET TO WORK, Sir."

As delightful as he is, can someone please let Lin-Manuel Miranda know that he doesn't need to sign his tweets? We know it's you, Lin. 

Your obedient servant, Looper.